onsdag 4 december 2019

Blanes part II

Sometimes a pattern takes time before I can see the possibilities to go on with it in more than one direction. It is not only about embellishments. It is something else. After the last blogpost I haven´t used Blanes, I felt a little stuck with it. But then all of a sudden Debbie Huntington made a post on Fb where she had used it in a Dingbatz kind of way and all the bells started to ring! I asked her if I could use it in this blogpost and she said yes! So here it is:

She had made it on a Gray tile and used gold and the rest of rennaisance colors. I loved it so much! Now I am convinced about this pattern and now I also can go on with it and just having fun! Today´s meditation between baking bread and buns, I spent with Blanes on a Rennaisance tile:

I used fragments all over this tile and a random string. A fragment of Zonked (Barbara Finwall) in the center and the petals could be a part of Batumber (Kelley Kelly). There are other fragments too. I found that Blanes is fun to use with layering techniques. When I did Blanes at the start I was aware of the metapatterns that easily came around depending on the shading. But I wasn´t too excited about the rest. Now I am happy to be able to go on from here with it! Thank you Debbie, you opened my eyes! 

4 kommentarer:

  1. It's a beautiful tangle Anita - and I look forward to exploring it. Your tiles using it, both here and on the previous post are beautiful and inspiring!

  2. I'm sitting on my desk after a hectic period. Now everything is more quiet (better) and I'm looking at your website: these results are beautiful Anita!

    1. Thank you Ria! Hope you’re going to be able to tangle!😍💗💗