söndag 17 november 2019

New pattern! Blanes!

On our two weeks vacation in Blanes, Spain I ran across a lot of patterns everywhere! 

The second day i took a bad photo of a glasswindow in the old part of the little town and back to the hotel I realized that the Suzanne Fluhr had made a new Humpday Challenge that was about deconstructing a pattern found.  I looked at the photo and thought this is it! It is meant to be! But I also thought that this pattern might be so simple that maybe or most likely it has been deconstructed as a tangle already.

Anyway I worked on it and here is my first tile with Blanes:

Back home again I made the step-out, very simple and as this pattern is a grid-based pattern it was very easy to see the possible fragments of it!  Here is the step-out, hope you´ll enjoy it:

2 kommentarer:

ria matheussen sa...

A wonderful pattern, especially on that grey tile it looks fantastic!

Anita A Westin CZT sa...

Thank you Ria!