tisdag 27 november 2018

New pattern Brizl and then 30 days with Arukas!

From the 32CZT Seminar I went back to Susan Kelley Pundt´s home with her. We tangled every day together, most of the time in her studio and we had such a nice time doing this. 2 people that doesn´t talk to much (we did that too), just sitting together drawing and appreciating the moment, that is very developing and a way to get very close. I don´t recall exactly the day, but at one point Susan showed me a pinecone and we started to deconstruct it. I have made a separate page for this pattern, Brizl, you find it here and I hope you will enjoy it!

Now I am back to my life at home and my head is still full of ideas which I think is a good sign. At Providence I had the joy to meet Juliette, the woman behind Artsamuse. I had seen a repost she made on Fb about drawing one pattern for a month! I have been thinking about this and I was thrilled about the idea. I hesitated though, which pattern should I chose? One that I wasn´t comfortable with and try to make friends this way? Or one I do love and use a lot. I made my decision, I choose Arukas, a pattern that is a true friend. If we are going to see eachother every day, it must be a very good friend. There is a risk; we might get bored of eachother! Here are my first 6 days with Arukas:

I have mentioned Lynn Shelton Mead´s tangledeck now and then. As I have drawn Arukas several times I have been inspired by Lynn´s take on this pattern which will be seen during this month with Arukas too!

This is so fun! I had no idea what should happen day 6! I only tried to get Arukas in a string, which is not the easiest for me to do! But Arukas knew where to go! 

Calendarpost 19th-27th of november

Playing with Rixties. We try to make friends!

Started with Arukas, but went on with Sander and more Rixties!

I want to keep going to the end of the year sharing my calendar. But I have other plans for next years, so I might not comment to much. Last three days I started with Diva Dance, Rock-n´-roll. Now Rixties is following me! Happy about that. But what happened on the 26th! Hollibaugh interfered and took the place! On the 27th Hollibaugh vined through Diva Dance who was walzing! Wonder how she liked that!

söndag 25 november 2018

Graduated at the seminar 32!

Going to Providence, participating in the 32seminar, was overwhelming. I have heard from others going there that it changed their life, it was the best thing they have done and so on. I tried not to have too high expectations, who wants to get disappointed? Anyway I had high expectations, couldn´t help it. And this blog will have a before Seminar and after. I won´t try to retell everything, but I will try to tell something. 

First of all going to the Seminar meant that for the first time I could meet two friends that both had made my journey possible, Sandy Kelley Jones and Susan Kelley Pundt. We have been talking talking talking on the internet for a long time, we are in admin for two Fb groups; Today´s Tangles and Today´s Tangles Keeping it Classic, and that has brought us together. To meet in real life was wonderful. It was like we had known eachother for a long time! Susan and Sandy had met before but this was the first time we were gathered the three of us!

First pic of us together!

As it was Susan´s and mine first visit in Providence we joined the guided tour finding patterns everywhere and visited the Design-museum. 
I belive Nipa was born here!

Who tangled the men´s restroom at the museum?

Yes patterns everywhere! It was a nice tour and we got back to the Biltmore in time for the opening Seminar! Yes it was lifechanging. In many ways. Meeting Rick, Maria, Molly, Martha and all the people around them, meeting participants from 19 countries, sitting side by side, learning, drawing, sharing and listening to lifestories....

It was all too wonderful, I cannot describe it, but I give you my first tile from the seminar and some mosaics and some other pics!

1:st tile!

1:st mosaic

The mosaic with 3Z was amazing!

My Zentangle Primer signed by Rick and Maria!

A meditation led by Molly resulted in so different tiles!

Musical moments in the evening given to us by Dorothée Hurel.

Graduated: Alana, Susan, Sandy and I!

From different parts of the world, all graduated CZT32 and very happy!

From now on all posts in this blog will be AFTER Seminar!  

söndag 18 november 2018

My calender 22 oktober - 18th of november

I decided to make my first post after the CZT-seminar a post with my calendarpages. So much has been going on and so much I would like to share!

In november I want to land in my role as a CZT. So I plan to only use official tangles in my calendar this month, trying to explore each during three days.

What pattern could be possible at the Niagara Falls? Of Course: Nipa!