lördag 22 februari 2020

lördag 15 februari 2020

Summary of Valentangle 2020 and my Bitty Book adventure (to be continued)

Valentangle 2020 is done! My little Bitty Book is not done. My mathematic skills has never been outstanding, so I got some pages left to do! But I found a solution for this! The left pages are going to be .... Dingbatz!!! But first  here  are Valentangle day 2-14:

Day 2: Trinity (Stephanie Kiefer)

Day 3: Minstrels (Hanna Geddes)

I did appreciate that Marguerite made a fragment for 2020 too! She called it Double Hearts. But this little fragment can be used in so many ways!!!

Day 5: Starsky (Sue Schneider) was a new pattern to me! I liked it a lot.

Day 6 was another special day. Marguerite hade presented a string that could be used when making mosaics! I will try that further on.

Day 7 was the Zenbutton day with Jack Stripes (Chrissie Frampton) and fragments

Day 8: Sun (Hanna Shan)

Day 9 with Taiga (Tomás Pádròs)

Day 10: Focus on corners!

Day 11

Day 12 Khala (Anica Gabrovec) 

Day 13: One more take on the mosaic-string

Day 14 Tangle an envelope

Last day of Valentangle was ofcourse on Valentines day! We were supposed to tangle an envelope. But my bitty book wouldn´t be big enough for an ordinary envelope. I once got a stack of Origami papers from someone that didn´t know what to do with them. I took one of those papers and made a tiny little envelope that would fit in my book. But ofcourse that envelope needed something in it so I tangled a last little Bijou which was a perfect match!

That´s all for now. Next time I hope my bitty book is finished!