onsdag 29 augusti 2018

25th-27th of August and Hexonu

What box next? I found Tribine (Laura Liu), which I almost had forgotten! Here with Twilight (Jody Genovese), Tattle (Milde Weiss), OCSIDOT (Sandy Kelly Jones), Webz (Suzanne McNeill), Hibred (Zt), Fescu (Zt), Hexonu (Cherryl Mote) and Therefore (Zt). Oh yes I had fun on this page! 

And here comes my tile for Square One:

Featuring Hexonu (Cherryl Moote) with Twilight (Jody Genovese), Tipple, Striping and something ribbonlike. Hexonu is a tangle with possibilities and I love that. Here I kept it very simple since I am just beginning to learn it. 

lördag 25 augusti 2018

22nd-24th of August and IAST257

There are round boxes! Hats often comes in round boxes. Chocolate might also. Sometimes the lid is translucent too! Often they also appear with beautiful ribbons. So the last three days I made the boxes round. The patterns which appears are: Printemps (Zt) Arcflower (JJ La Barbera), Zenribbon with fragment K3 and a fragment of my own, Lollywimple (Sandy Hunter) and Well well well (Zt). I wanted the surrounding to be black but I also knew that too much black on the calendarpage would bleed through so I just gave it one layer. First I didn´t like the striped effect but then I heard from some friends this added something to the page and now I kind of like it as it came out. I also go a very good tip from Sue Zanker how to prevent the bleeding and get it all really black: Go back on the blackened surface with a soft blac colorpencil and work it in! I will sure try that next time I do something like this!

IAST 257 is all about a recent published pattern, Twilight,  by Jody Genovese. Here is my first take on it (not my last I belive):

Twilight reminds me of a couple of other patterns, Footlight and Munchin f.ex. Only straight lines this time. Straight lines are interesting in another way than curved lines and sometimes I love to celebrate the straight ones! Not using rulers or anything else then my free hand ofcourse. It is a lot of zen in drawing a line slowly, breath and stay focused. The lines are not perfect and shouldn´t be. I like it this way! 

There are spectacular skies in the evenings here now! Last nights dogwalk gave me this:

A little bit like Twilight.....

tisdag 21 augusti 2018

19th-21st of August

I wanted to use a hexagon-shaped box and found Dreamdex (Debbie New). It wasn´t easy though. But a lot of patterns showed up!
19th: Lily Eyes (Skinnystraycat), Fassett (Lynn Shelton Mead), Zinger, Mooka, Flux and Maze.
20th: Balo (Hsin-Ya Hsu),Warped Eggs (Sandra Strait),Keeko, Striping, Crescent moon and Printemps
21st: Tipple, Striping, Cubine, Flux, Static, Crescent Moon and Fan Club.

21st is special as it is my friend Marianne´s birthday. She is now 95 years old and has been my mentor for many years when it is about my own art.  I have always admired her artwork but sadly she isn´t painting any more. I embedded the letter M for her and a smaller A for myself.

måndag 20 augusti 2018

IAST 256

IAST 256 is all about Ria Matheussen´s patterns and doing it in a round.I have tried Hexa once before, Horti and Mazorito are new to me. I like them all but Mazorito is a tangle I took to my heart at once!

This is the way it went. I made Hexa in a wonky way and I liked the way it comunicates with the rest on this zendala. Thank you Ria for sharing your most interesting patterns! I will get back to them all I belive! 

lördag 18 augusti 2018

4th - 18th of August and one more for My Tile Project

Yes. I have done my calendarpages though I haven´t posted. My calendar has been my company while I have been doing a lot of things: Visiting my new grandchild Frances for the first time, Seeing people I haven´t seen for a long time and at last made the trip to my Dad way up in the north. I have spent a lot of time driving my car.  The calendar was perfect to end my days with. Or start!
4th-6th: I used Cubine as my string for tangling in the Box. I got the idea from Laura Byerly´s plan for August. Icantoo (Hanny Nura), Beadlines (Margaret Bremner)EAXY (Nadine Roller), Florz , Mooka, Åaradpx. B´Tweed, Crescent Moon, Poke Root, Cubine (all Zt), Cruffles (Sandy Hunter) and Waves (Suzanne McNeill). On the 6th, the Summertangles-18 -prompt was Dingbatz so I Dingbatted Cubine and Tranzended it too! 

7th-9th: Dex is my string! Patterns: Purdy, Margaret Bremner, Prestwood (Margaret Bremner), C-view (Ria Matheussen, Natti (mine), Zenplosion Folds (Danni O´Brian), Fescu (Zt), Vache (Genvieve Crabe) and Cruffles (Sandy Hunter).

10th-12th: I turned Cubine upside-down, which made it more like a box in my eyes. Patterns: Paradox (Zt), Ipso (Jennifer Hohensteiner), Organic (Sayantika Ray), Clob (Jem Miller), Fescu (Zt), Snugs (Jem Miller), Hollibaught and Tipple, both Zt.

13th-15th: On the 13th the summertangles was about Bijou, so I used Bijou as my string for this page. Patterns: Diva Dance, Nipa, Tipple (all Zt), Whisket (Sandra Strait) and Rashell (Lin Chiu).

16th - 18th: I choose 3D-room (Mei Hua Teng) as the string. The patterns: Meer, Florz, CO2 Antonine Megger, Floatfest Carole Ohl, Biscus (Vicki Bassett),Knightsbridge, Printemps, Scute (Lily Moon), Icantoo (Hanny Nura), Undu (Daniel Lamothe), and Fan Club. I don´t know who made Fan Club up. But it is a fun pattern. On the 18th the Summertangles suggested to make a Frame and my new favourite Icantoo made this so nicely!

As I returned home safely, I was thinking a lot of my Dad. If he will be with us next year he will celebrate his 90th birthday. Taking care of him is not possible for me living so far away, I have to trust others doing this and I am so grateful to my younger brothers living closer because I know they do their best! To sort things out as  there is a lot going on in my head, I tangled a tile  with my Dad in focus. A tile for My Tile Project (Nancy Domnauer).

Oven: Olipze (Jody Genovese)
Westin: Waax (Esther Piszcek)
April: Knightsbridge (April)
Favourite: Papz (mine)
I had to use Papz ofcourse, since I made this pattern to honor my Dad. I hope he will like it!

söndag 5 augusti 2018

Icantoo and EAXY.

A pattern new to me is the focustangle in Square One. Hanny Nura was inspired by Icanthis (Zt) and deconstructed this pattern. Might be seen as a tangleation of Icanthis. 

My first tile. As I started to try it with auras, this just went on and took over the thing. But I liked the result, though it might be a little busy.

My second went like this also with auras but in another direction. Icantoo has settled down in my toolbox to stay. It is such a joyful pattern and I smile as I look at it. 

I also revisited a pattern I do like a lot: EAXY. I have a lot of tiles cut from old watercolors and I love to se what happens when I tangle on them. This time I remembered to take a before-pic of the tile!

A perfect string! And here is the final result:

EAXY (Nadine Roller) with Citrus (Suzanne McNeill). This watercolor-paper (I belive it is from Archer) is a little rough and not so easy to draw on with my pens. I had to work harder with the tourtillon. EAXY is so interesting to draw, I never get it even but this doesn´t bother me since it is such a forgiving pattern! As I have done this I see more ways to go with it.....

Last of July - 3rd of August

July ended with Ringz (Laura A Marks) a tangle that looks quite simple but isn´t. At least to me it is difficult to use it in a context. But I have learned when things like this occurs, put it aside and get back to it later, maybe another aspect will appear! So this is what I have done.

1st-3rd of August I still follow the summertangles prompts. Knot Ricks (Cheryl Cianci) with some Membran Art (Tomás Padròs), Chaist (Yvette) with a Dewdrop and finally Golven (Mariët). I like all of them and use them now and then.

torsdag 2 augusti 2018

Zenbuttons and My Tile 2

Zenbutton is a quite new word in Zentangle World. Marguerite Sammama brought it up. Here is the background and how to do it!

I practiced on Bijou some time ago, during the Valentangle-period, but didn´t get hooked. I have seen a lots of beautiful buttons around which made me want to give it a go one more time. This time I didn´t think button at all, but reticula and fragments. Which happened to be the clue. Yes I have read Marguerites guide before and I knew where she got the idea from. But it just didn´t speak to me. This time I made it on a tan tile 8,9x8,9 cm, which I had got from my friend Marie Penzing. I have run out of rennaisance tiles...
 Don´t exactly know what was the difference this time, but I didn´t think much of the result but focused on one stroke at a time. Oh there was an Oops! I appreciated this Oops, it led me into another direction, making my Chop as a fragment on the button! I think I will use it some other time, it was fun! The fragments I used on this Button are: G23, D16, C4, V5 and Lisbon Fragment (Henrike Bratz). So happy with this button I had to do one more the next day:

Well I have ran out of rennaisance tiles and I am looking for substitutes, since the originals are not easy to get in Sweden. I took a cardstock from the back of a watercolorpad which is accid-free. It is heavyweight though and with a hard surface. My cutting-machine didn´t like it at all. I forced it to cut though and now it has got a terribly squeezing sound when I touch it! It maybe kills my cutter but I loved this surface a lot and the pens didn´t have any problem with it.
This time I used the fragments: T5, K3, H16 and Chrissie Frampton´s fragment from her pattern Jackstripes. Instead of using a fragment in the center I made a little gem, which I don´t draw often. 

Today´s meditation. I wanted to do one more for My-tile-project. I wanted to try it on a black tile, which was really fun! My firs tile you find here.

Tangles of my choice except for the month:
And (Sandra Harsveld) : Anita 
Wacho (Livia Chua): Westin
Cubine (Zt) : August
Tipple (Zt) : Favouritetangle

I am thinking of using this concept further on but not referring to myself. It is such a good concept, I love it. Thank´s to Nancy Domnauer who came up with the idea!