fredag 26 juli 2019

Hump Day 06 and a peep into my Journal

Recently I was invited to "Hump Day Challenge" on Fb. This is a weekly challenge from CZT Suzanne Fluhr and I thought it would be fun since "I am the Diva" is taking a break. But I have been so busy last weeks so I haven´t participated until today and this challenge was right up in my alley and I loved it. You find the challenge in her blog here. And if you, like me, don´t know what Hump Day is she gives an explanation in her blog.

Here is my entrance on rennaisance tile:

The prompt was to use a tangle as a string. I choose Hollibaugh

I am not sure that Hollibaugh is the string though I tried to think of it as a string.The "over and under" technique is so much this tangle and I love that. I used Diva Dance Rock n´Roll, Shattuck, Tortuca and fragment T7, which is one of my favourite fragments from the Primer. Everyone talk about the heath right now and I am happy to say that my studio is the coolest place in this house! So I had to have some soothing, cooling dewdrops on this tile as well.

My journal has become an important space to go to thank´s to the prompts published in Our Tangled Life. Though it was a little difficult for me to keep it up in June/first half of July, I have done them.

The 13th prompt came from Priscilla DeConti and she wanted us to tangle an animal. Since The Zentanglemethod to me is non-representative which means freedom and this is very important, I didn´t know how to approach this prompt at first. Then I looked into my other artjournal and found something I did during a workshop led by Carla Sonnheim earlier this year. To see an animal in cracked pavement! So I brought that workshop into tangling and this was the result. I used Arukas, Tagh, Crescentmoon and my newest tangle AAW. I had fun and I enjoyed it! 

Patterns: Doo Dah, Tripoli, Scena, Crescentmoon, Scallopillar (Karin Tarter)
AAW (mine)
This page I finished yesterday and this turned out in a special way. The prompt said Let´s map it! First I was in trouble not knowing how to do this. Maps are special to me, almost magical. I always keep maps I have used on journeys and hikings. When I was younger I was an eager hiker in the Swedish mountains. The nature, the wilderness, the lonliness, all of that was essential to me. Yes I kept the maps in a nice and tidy pile. Among the maps was one over the Abisko-Kebnekaise area and this map was so much used it had fallen into parts. I took one of those parts which happened to fit perfectly in my journal, so I glued it there and started tangling. Someone hade spilled some coffee on the map, it might have been me... As I tangled on I was sent back in time and I could see the stony paths for my inner eye, the amazing views from high points, the marshlands, the clear water, the wild animals, birds, flowers... And I could feel the gratitude that I once have been able to be a part of this wonderful landscape that forever will stay in my heart!

Through this prompt from Malia Benson I got some new ideas to work on in my collages/paintings too! 

torsdag 18 juli 2019

Hello again! And a new tangle AAW!

The exhibition went well. I didn´t have to come home with all my work this time. Ofcourse I was happy for those of my paintings that got new homes! But the week was much more than about selling. So many interesting talks with people I had not met before and also with some I had met. And so many asked about the Zentanglemethod! Some of them also went for a try, which was great! Among the paintings I had a couple of Opus-tiles and a few zendalas. I shared the showroom with a friend of mine, Gerd Vading and on an exhibition like this there are also moments in between visitors and then we had a chance to tangle too. 

The first tile ever for one of the visitors!

Tiles made during the exhibition. Some visitors are represented,
some could not come back to get their tiles at the end of
exhibiton, so they brought their tiles with them at once.

During this week I also played with my chop which resulted in a new pattern! My chop has changed since I started tangling. It might change again. This pattern looks different depending on if I only use one kind of stroke or if I draw it with a rounded stroke (C). First one page from my sketchbook:

Then the final step-outs:

I didn´t do the steps on the exhibition, but I made one tile with it:

I was happy with this and I liked to do it so I might go on with it now and then! One thing I liked with it is that it was very simple and that gives a lot of possible variations to play with. If you want to try it, please let me know so I may see what you come up with! It is a great joy for me when other tanglers try my patterns!!!

Ofcourse it was inspiring to be able to tangle during this week sitting among Gerds and my paintings in such a beautiful place! 

 I have got some more to work on after this which might result in at least one more deconstructed pattern! But right now I have a lot to do to get my studio properly cleaned after some months of intense work here!