lördag 16 februari 2019

Valentineweek and Zenuari 2019 Swap

Hearts hearts everywhere. I am not doing a lot of hearts. I have never done, except when I was a teenager. But I can´t avoid them either. I eat them:

I have also drawn some this year. But I didn´t follow the Valentangle 2019, like I did 2018, since I have been busy with other things in life. Painting f.ex. But I can post something! Lucky for me there was a Zenuari Swap on the 27th and I asked if Susan Kelley Pundt wanted to do the swap with me and last week I got a happy mail from her!

The before-pics!

I started with the hearty one! Susan had begun with
La Bel (Sue Jacobs) and Funsin (Ru Yu Chen) and I
continued with Hearty  (Livia Chua).

Susan´s start was Ubiko (Cyndi Knapp) and
Zari (Veena Arun) and I finished with
Denma (Anoeska Waardenburg) in combination
with Sez.

There were some hearts from me anyhow! I give Susan an extra hug because of this! And an extra hug because her tangling forces me to work with color on the tiles. I do love that, she is pushing me out of my comfort zone!

fredag 15 februari 2019

Journaling - Zentangle

I have thought about journaling for quite a long time. Michele Wynne´s blog Coffee and Creativity has been and is a great inspiration. I love the classic Zentangle, I love to do my tiles in black and white and I love the possibilities when it comes to "beyond basics".I haven´t done a lot of ZIA:s (=Zentangle Inspired Art). But journaling is something that I want to explore more. I decided to post my first steps on the journaling road and I might post some more further on. Here are my first pages:

I have joined a group on Facebook (Our Tangled Lives),which will be a support for me I hope. I have chosen my word for 2019, which was the easy part: Possibilities.

Then I found a quote: "You don´t need to know precisely what is happening or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope" - Thomas Merton

This quote just popped up as I looked for it and it is special to me. A couple of years ago I was reading Thomas Merton and his thoughts made a great impression on me at that time, so this is exactly what I was looking for!

This page is about Schway, which I have avoided as a pattern. But maybe Schway will follow me further along???

I have done a ZIA!!! This was because of a prompt in the Fb-group. I read a story about a tradition in Nepal where they use to make flags with messages, prayers to dead ancestors, friends and so on. It was a wonderful story and that made me do this page. I loved it! I also made me a bookmark for this page:

It is tiny just 8,9x4cm!

My latest page is about imagination: Notice the invisible. I used Embedded Letters, Denma (Anoeska Waardenburg), and Sistar (Hanny Nura).

I don´t know where this will take me. But now I have taken my first steps on the journaling road. I will try to do this once in a while and look for the possibilities.

tisdag 22 januari 2019

Two swaps and The Diva´s challenge 382

Every swap (traveling tangles) is a happy moment. And every swap is so different. I have been lucky having two swaps recently. The first one came all the way from China! May May Chui sent me these beautiful starters:

Blue Toodles with some Tipple on a zendala!Whow!

And then a green amazing gem with Flux, Diva Dance, Static and Printemps....

I finished these and was happy to find the right blue among my colorpencils! Here are my finished tiles:

I don´t use much color in my own tangling so this was like having a party!  I added Dorsal (mine), Fassett (Lynn Shelton Mead and Mooka.

Then the green gem... How to match this very expressiv and beautiful gem? I had fun doing this, adding Cubine, Printemps, Bales variation and Crescentmoon variation.

Then the next swap with Daria Heidendael from the Netherlands. We first met at the Designmuseum in Providence before the seminar started! Here are her starters:

I do  love black tiles! And here with beautiful Tripoli!

Next one is one more gem! And now drawn in greyscale! I almost forgot to take the beforepic, you can see the little line I started with on the right side of the gem! But then I stopped and took this pic!

Here are my finishes:

I went on with Diva Dance , Quandary and Indyrella. Yes I tried my goldpen on this one too!

This one was so delicate to start with. I was anxious to ruin the whole thing. But then I started to think about Rick and Maria. I heard their voices in my head about "no worries, just one stroke at the time" and "no mistakes"! We learned the Crescentmoon variation at the seminar and also how to use Florz in a different way, so I just went on with this and the whole tile came alive.  This was a moment of magic!

Diva Challenge no 382. Laura asked for stripes as string. That is fun to do and a chance to use bordertangles... 

My string

Zenith in the middle with Meer, Shattuck, Marasu and Fanclub in the corners. I liked to do this and they are all tangles I know so well, I don´t have to think what to do next. Thank you Laura, even if I don´t do every challenge, I do enjoy every one I do!

torsdag 10 januari 2019

I am the Diva´s Challenge 380

Laura Harms has run her blog 8 years now! Amazing! She is celebrating this with a challenge based on circles. As I am quite busy right now I had to go for a quickie, since I wanted to celebrate this! And Zenbuttons are so fun to do, invented by Marguerite Samama! Here is my Zenbutton on a cardstock selfcut tile:

Congratulations Laura! Hope you will go on for another 8 years! By the way, I used  Sakura micron: pink and burgundy.

torsdag 3 januari 2019

Happy mail - Happy tangling.

December was of course a busy month for me as for most other people I know. But to get a happy mail in my mailbox is such a wonderful experience and a chance to relax during the busiest and darkest time of the year. This is what I got from Debra Castaldi one day when the light was reduced to a couple of hours (Before Solstice).

 It might be a little difficult to see the lovely string penciled on this tile due to the photo I took under my lamp on my workingplace in my studio.  But if you enlarge it you might get hang of it! 

I liked this string a lot so I wanted to go with it very closely and I loved the way it took me! Debra had started with Rixties and Springkle so i added more of these and then som Tipple, Florz and a fragment from Zentangle Primer.

Next start from Debra was Diva Dance Rock´N Roll. I have seen Debra do this pattern several times and I really like it! Her lines are so precise and just to look at it is calming! 

So I went on with my Mac ´n cheese:Dewd and Tipple! Then more of Diva Dance but this time I think it is Foxtrot! Purk and Striping also wanted to play. Yes this was a nice experience and I loved to finish both these tiles! Thank you Debra!

After a while had another great and joyful moment when I saw what Debra had done with my starters!

The first started one was on the ecoprinted tile I made in the fall 2017. 

 The gold she added was a perfect match! I loved that. And how she made the Diva Dance again!!! 

Next start was on a tan (rennaissance) tile

Look at this! I love the way she repeated Pokeroot and Antidots on a bed of Verve! It looks so happy! An then the brown-black Knightsbridge in the background!

The traveling tangles project goes on and I am looking forward to do more of this during 2019. It is inspiring and it connects people from all over the world in a way that is very special.

End of my calendarpages 2018

I haven´t posted much in December. Even less when it comes to my calendar. But I have finished it! So here are my pages 10th-31st of December!

This is it! I have said goodbye to the calendar for now. After having done it for two years I won´t do it this newborn year 2019. I have some reasons for that. The most important one is that during 2019 I want to explore more about journaling. I might get back to the calendar in the future,  I never say never! I am very happy to have 2 filled calendars in my tangling archive! It is a resource to go to when I am looking for tangles, finding out which way they has taken and so on. 

onsdag 26 december 2018

Arukas day 26-30

I have been celebrating christmas with my sons, daughter in law and my wonderful grandchildren so I have not been able to post the last days of Arukas, but here they all comes:

I made this one as a congratulation to Today´s
tangles - Keeping it classic that reached 1000
members recently!

I felt a little sad to say goodbye to these 30 days of Arukas, but also I was happy to have done them. Arukas can go any way, and there are so many more possibilities! I guess I could go on for another 30 days!!! But I won´t. But I will use Arukas on tiles and not fear a string that looks like it won´t fit! Because now I know Arukas also can go with any string!