söndag 23 juli 2017

Something borrowed, something blue - IAST 204

Next part of IAST-challenge with weddingtheme. I found this string tricky! Check back on the link above, and then you might understand what I mean!

At last I decided to try it on a rennaisance-tile. Something blue is my version of Suzanne McNeill´s Blue Bonnet. The borrowed pattern is B´Tweed a zentangle original pattern. This is what I love about string: the result will be a surprise almost every time! I would never have done this in this way if it had not been for the string! The string thing is one of the challenges I always want to get back to, because the string keeps me from planning and the only decision I have to make is where to start! The blue tones in this one are made with pastelpencils, the rest is White charcoal, graphite and micron.

fredag 21 juli 2017

19th, 20th and 21st of July

The last three days I have used two tangles that has been a challenge to me. Sez and Peanuckle. They have landed on my tiles, in my sketchbook and now in the calendar.

Sez was the one I started with on the 18th but it followed to encourage me to go for Peanuckle, which I put in a Dingbatz just to be sure it wouldn´t run away! On the 20th, I combined it with Asian Fans, (which is in the Joey´s challenge this week), Msst and Printemps, and today the weather is gloomy, so Msst continued and now I tried to put Peanuckle under it using what I learned on the tile yesterday with Tranzending technique. Mooka and also Fescu joined.

torsdag 20 juli 2017

Experiments and challenges.

The first one today I made on a recycled watercolor painting. On both my tiles I combined Made by Joey´s challenge with guestblogger Susie Ng and I am the Diva´s guestpost Jessica Davies. The recycled one came out like this:

This might be more focus on Peanuckle than on Asian Fans (Suzanne McNeill). But Asian Fans are there like a shelter for Peanuckles I think and then Marnie (Chrissie Frampton) also took place. I regret my try with the shading with Distress markers here, they didn´t work the way I intended. But I kind of like it anyway. 
Then the next tile:

Here is my experiment. I have seen  something called Tranzending. As I understand it, it is like getting a pattern look transparant and let another pattern show through it. Well I worked hard on getting it look like something today, using Asian Fans over Peanuckle. I can´t tell if  my try  worked or not, but it was an experience. The technique was demonstrated on a seminar with Maria and Rick and ofcourse I wasn´t there so I had to guess how to do it.  

onsdag 19 juli 2017

I am the Diva´s challenge no 325

Jessica Davies made her second guestpost in the Divas challenge. I am challenged this week. Second pattern I don´t use becaus I found it non-flowing as I tried it earlier and I didn´t like the outcome of them at all though I struggled with it! But this time it is different.

The difference might not be that I have been a tangler for a while since I tried Peanuckle last time.  I have learned to slow down even more as I work on a pattern I don´t like or I don´t get the sense of.  By making Sez (in my last post) again and again and now Peanuckle I am so happy to find out they could be my best friends in tangling! Looking on the video where Molli Hollibaugh draws her Peanucle, was an eyeopener for this occasion. Click Here to watch!

Here is one Peanuckle I did last I tried! 

tisdag 18 juli 2017

13th-18th of July

My calenderpages from the last 6 days:

13th: PS23 (Susan Kelley Pundt), Marnie (Chrissie Frampton) and Fescu
14th: Cruffles (Sandy Hunter), Trilad (Laura Liu), Aah (Zt) and Tripoli (Zt)
15th: Trilad, Aah and Cruffles 

16th: PS23 (Susan Kelley Pundt), Fluxecho (Lynn Shelton Mead), Caviar (Lori Howe) and Tipple (Zt).
17th: Marnie and Paradox (Zt).
18th Marnie, Paradox and Sez (Zt).

Something old, something new - IAST 203

The challenge from Adele Bruno this time consists of two tangles, one old, Sez (Zt) and one new, Trilad (Laura Liu).

Sez is the tangle I don´t use very often. In challenges I have done it a couple of time. But it hasn´t come to me otherwise. But I have learned that tangles I am in trouble with I should go back to now and then because some day it will happen, that it just fits into the puzzle like the right piece does! Maybe this is what happened here with Sez. I did enjoy to do it which I haven´t before and I am satisfied with the outcome. Thank you Adele, I wouldn´t have done this if you had not put it in your challenge IAST 203! I am looking forward to the next part, something borrowed, something blue!!!

måndag 17 juli 2017

Tangling whereever I go

I visited my granddaughter this weekend. She had her 3rd birthday. This time I went by bus and I have done it before and did it again: I was tangling on the bus! It is such a good thing to do making the distance feel very much shorter! The road is bumpy, to be able to do this I have to slow down more than I use to, but to control the line drawn is almost impossible. They are still wobbling around the tile.

I love to do it, because I can´t expect anything else then what comes out. Now looking at it I think the wobbling does give something extra to the tile. Who cares about perfection! This is just to be in the flow, nothing else! The patterns are: Rain (Zt), Barquillos (Maria Tovar), Cul de Sac (Suzanne McNeill) and Radiowaves (Suzanne McNeill).

Next tile I made after the birthdayparty before going to bed:

More Fluxecho (Lynn Shelton Mead), Flux (Zt) and Narwal (Samantha Taylor). I have prestrung a couple of tiles with roundings because I want to try this out. I liked to use Narwal here, I haven´t used the pattern very much. 

The 3rd tile I made this morning, after a night sleeping in my own bed. I wanted to try the challenge Sandy Kelley Jones initiated on Today´s Tangles:

The patterns are the basic-patterns: Printemps (Zt), Knightsbridge (Zt), Crescentmoon (Zt) and Hollibaugh (Zt). But the borderline is supposed to be a curvy one ant that makes the difference! It was fun to try it like this!