torsdag 22 mars 2018

19th-21st of March, Zen-Buttons and Diva´s challenge.

Revisiting patterns made me get back quite long ago. I found Niuroda (Tina Akua Hunziker). This is a wonderful tangle that thrilled me at the first sight and it still does! Niuroda took place on the entire page!
Things are happening very fast in Zen-world. Patterns pop up all the time, new ones and old ones you haven´t met before. Different and new techniques are also coming along. Right now  Zen-buttons are all over the place. Marguerite Samama is the one behind it. She made it up inspired by a Reticula found in Zentangle Primer 1. I have tried this easy and fun technique too. Here are som of my Buttons, all done on tiny little Bijou:

Mine are no perfect circles, I draw them on free hand and I like the imperfection. Well I guess the Zen-Buttons are the reason I found Niuroda again and hope she will stay with me a little longer this time!

I am the Diva´s challenge 356 is a little bit different this week. Laura asked us to use our names as string. This time I didn´t watch the Diva´s video before doing it... I used cardboard from a box I cut in pieces. Recycling! I love to do that! Here is my piece for the challenge:

I guess my name is hard to find here, but I DID use it as a string, I promise! I had some fun and there are a lot of patterns; Wholly Hollibaugh, Striping, Printemps, Diva Dance, Flux, Tipple, Cubine and lovely Verve (JJ Le Barbera).  

tisdag 20 mars 2018

16th-18th of March

It is very satisfying to revisite tangles I haven´t used for a long time. I think I will stay with this for a while. Here comes Undu (Daniel Lamothe), Kuna (Csibulle) and Undling (Susie Achter). Two are basically "aura"-patterns and Kuna is only straight, short lines, repeated. Very relaxing to do and the result is so cool. Then comes two daily tiles:

Tufton (Jodi Christiansen) and Tofube (Damy). And a kind of beadline following my simple string.

I haven´t worked on black tiles lately so after having watched Molly´s tangleation on Zenith I grabbed my tools and took my time following her steps. 

I do love the black tiles. It is another view on tangles. Some kind of magic.

fredag 16 mars 2018

13th-15th of March and Diva´s challenge a second round

So many patterns. And there comes a bunch of new ones all the time. Somtimes I feel like I am getting lost in this stream of patterns. And forgetting about patterns I fell in love with when I first saw them. So this page and maybe some more pages in my calendar I will fill with patterns I almost forgot, patterns that deserves more attention.

13th: EAXY (Nadine Roller). Whow, this pattern makes me happy. Only straight lines, looks complex, but easy to learn. 

14th: Schiefer (Simone Bischof). Love this one too. So many possible variations!

15th: Tattle (Milde Weiss). Only straight lines here too. A pattern that gets me going!

Tonight´s meditation I went for Verve (JJ La Barbera) again. It is such a great tangle, it works as a filler, a border and whatever. Thank´s Laura for this challenge.

I started with the dots in the corners, penciled border and a simple string. Verve with Mooka and Tipple. Thats all needed. So relaxing and satisfying. 

tisdag 13 mars 2018

I am the Diva´s challenge 355

This week´s challenge from the Diva was to use Verve (JJ La Barbera). Verve is such a nice tangle! I learned it a couple of years ago when it was a focustangle in Square One. I watched Laura´s video on YouTube and was happy to revisite Verve again!

As Verve came to me the first time through Square One it was fun to use the Tofube (Damy) which is this week´s focustangle on Square One!!! I also needed som Striping. This was a happy tile done in the basic way: Dots in the corners, penciled border and string. 

måndag 12 mars 2018

7th-12th of March

As I have been busy with my paintings last few weeks I haven´t spent much time tangling! But then the calendar is perfect to keep me on the road, doing something every day!

Last three days I have practiced Tofube (Damy). It is the focus tangle in Square One. At first I didn´t really get it as you might notice. But it was fun and I went on with it and now I like it a lot! I let Huggins make the job on 11th which made me take it to my heart! 

fredag 9 mars 2018

I am the Divas challenge 354 and calendarpage 7th-9th of March

I start with the calendar since the Diva´s challenge starts there!

On the 7th I try Siri (Simone Menzel) for the very first time. She describes this pattern in her blog as an inspiration from Ria Matheussen´s pattern Zimba. There are similarities but still different. It is a kind of Fragment too so for the 8th I wanted to try Marguerite Samama´s newly found fragment and today  I used 8DoubleC ( Maria-Lisa Kolic).

And here comes my tile for the Diva´s challenge 354:

I used Siri for a border as Simone suggested in her blog and then I put Marguerites fragment in the center. Therefore (Zt) was made with white gellypen to nail the black stuff in the corners. I had a lot of fun with this one though I had to leave it for a while and come back to see the result! It was so different than I had expected! And I love surprises!

söndag 4 mars 2018

1st-6th of March

W2 and Huggins are two tangles that are similar to eachother. I seldom use W2, Huggins is the one that takes the space! But I decided to give W2 a chance using Lynn Shelton Mead´s Tangledeck for inspiration. There has been a lot of crazy Huggins around so I had to check if W2 could go wild and crazy as well. And it sure could! So right now there is a lot of Wild and Crazy W2 here at my place. It is so fun.... W2 followed for the next three days too! Now it is moving!