onsdag 22 mars 2017

I am the Diva´s challenge 308

This week the Diva ask us to bring our "MacNCheese" tangles. As I understand this it is about those tangles I get back to and know by heart. These tangles I could do in my sleep and no planning is necessary. I have a bunch of those tangles by now but these are the ones that came up today:

Nipa, Flukes, Crescent Moon and Florz, all Zt. They came in that order and I used string 248 (Lori Byerly). Ofcourse the string guides to the choose of tangles! This is the basic, dots in the corners, pencil the border and then the string. Uncap the micron and start off! This is the way to go. The zen is there, the flow, no worries.

There are so many beautiful patterns coming up all the time. To bring in one new pattern into my own tangle library can be stressful. To use a new pattern means I have to give it time. Some patterns are complicated and it takes a lot of practice to learn them to make them come naturally.

I appreciate this challenge from the Diva very much. It takes me back to where I want to be when tangling. Not thinking of the result, just let it go and stay focused.  

tisdag 21 mars 2017

21st of March

The calendar for three days.

Nuwave (Beth Snoderly), Meringue (Kelley Kelly), Tipple (Zt), Crescent Moon (Zt)and Trifle (Margaret Bremner). Doing Crescent Moon in levels like this is inspired by things like this going on in Fb-groups, which comes from inspiration from a video published in the Zentangle mosaique-app. To watch this video you have to be a paying member of the app. I am not, but as you see, the ideas are spread outside it! It was fun to do this and it gives even more 3D to the Crescent moon!. Nuwave is the focus-tangle in Square One and this tangle is also a tangle that easily gives the 3D-magic. So they went very well together in my opinion.

lördag 18 mars 2017

18th of March

This page from my Calendar is made for the Diva´s challenge mostly. I can´t stop doing Zingo (Indy and Mazzy)!

 It kind of sends me right back to the playground! I also came across Trifle, a new pattern from Margaret Bremner, which is so easy and fun to draw! Meringue (Kelley Kelly) is a pattern I haven´t used for some time, but I love it. So I am quite happy about this entire page!

torsdag 16 mars 2017

I am the Diva´s challenge 307

I am not doing challenges right now I said some time ago. But the Diva´s  (Laura Harms) challenges are something special. On her blog she brings her own story about her family and the tangles. She takes zentangle into an other level when she brings it into real life. I can´t resist that.

As I wrote in my previous post, challenge no 307 is about Zingo, the tangle created by Indy and Mazzy, Molly Hollibaugh´s two daughters. Watching the video, when the two kids draw this pattern and instructs how to do it, is warming my soul. Their way of draw is filled with focus and selfconfidence and there are no misstakes. If you haven´t watched the video, please do here. You might learn something. I did. 

onsdag 15 mars 2017

15th of March and string 247

This time I start with the string-thing. I have now come to string 247 (Anette Plaga-Lodde). Not many left now.I kept it simple this time and I liked this string a lot!

The patterns are: Tesell (Judy Okanawa), Pico (Staub Korn), Star Map (Suzanne McNeill) and some Tipple (Zt). This was my first try on Tesell, which is a lovely pattern. I found similarities between Tesell and Pico. Both are to me Reticulas and looking at it this way I get them work. I will go on trying Tesell as well, it is very fun!

Here is my calendar for the last three days:

Monday 13th: I needed a Dreamcatcher (Daniel Lamoth) to catch bad dreams going around. The followers were: Cruffle (Sandy Hunter), Liefing (Dorothy Allison), Gneiss and Tipple both Zt.
Tuesday 14th: Beadlines (Margaret Bremner) connected with Brrrst (Kelly Barone).
Wednesday 15th: I had to try Zingo (Indy and Mazzy)! Zingo is in the Diva´s challenge this week. I loved to do it and this pattern I will go to again! Caviar (Lori Howe) just poured out of yesterdays Brrrst and Fescu was growing out of Zingo.

I am very busy right now, my exhibition opens at  25th of March at Fröja gallery, Östhammar, and I am sharing the gallery with Gerd Vading, my friend. I have done some late paintings, hoping they will dry in time. They are a little wet today, I use oilcolors. Here is 2 of the paintings that sure will be in the exhibition:

Dancing Queen

After you have gone

This blog is about zentangle but I choose to show two other pieces of my art today. Hope you´ll enjoy it!

måndag 13 mars 2017

The entire calendar-page

From now on I will only publish an entire page. The reason is, that early in my calendar-journey, I felt that I wanted to get the days together and I like what it looks like to see the entire page instaed of one page at a time. 

I have already commented on 10th of March so I leave that. 11th of March I went on with Locar, Cubine and Squid, all official zentangle. Squid is a pattern I haven´t used since I learned it when I started my zentangle-journey. I liked the way it popped up this time. 12th of March I went on with Cubine, Locar and Tipple. I added MI2 (Mimi Lempart) as I needed to practice this beautiful pattern

String 246

The focustangle in Square One is MI2 (Mimi Lempart). My tile for today started as a monotangle but ended up with Margaret Bremners Beadline too.

I used string 246 (Nancy Smith). There are not many strings left in my personal project! About strings is much to say. One thing is that sometimes it is a real challenge to make a pattern go with a string. But it is never boring and you can never tell what is going to come out of it. Another thing I have noticed is when I try to learn a pattern and make it my own, the string is very useful. It makes me see the pattern from different angles and helps me to not bother too much. MI2 is a beautiful pattern, but it is also a pattern I haven´t been on good terms with. But now I think I am starting to love doing it. Thank´s to the string!