torsdag 20 september 2018

Only straight lines in Diva´s challenge no 368

Only straight lines. Yes. I find this challenge so relaxing. It is like keeping things together in a way. Thank you Laura Harms for doing this. I have always liked geometry and straight lines. Not that my lines are so straight, they are wobling and swaying a lot. But that´s not the point. The process is the main thing and doing straight lines or trying to do them is just possible when I slow down. So here is my first tile on this theme:

I also choose a string from Tanglepatterns with straight lines, string 032. A nice one! Choosing the patterns was also a challenge, there are a lot of wonderful straight-line patterns! Here I made it with Balloya (Anya Lothrop), Arukas, Cubine and Paradox (all Zt). Paradox is a paradox, the lines are straight but they look like they are not! I like that effect! I guess I must do some more with straight lines! This was so fun.

tisdag 18 september 2018

16th-18th of September and looking back.

three days with String 002 from 

The patterns: Meer, Florz,Beadline (Margaret Bremner), Onomato, Undling (Susie Achter) and Spawn (Shoshi). This time I found the very first tile when I used this string october 13th 2015! My first year with zentangle! Here it is:

As I made this in a project making one zentangle a day for 365 days I also wrote down the patterns: Tour, Quib and Quipple! It seems so long ago though it isn´t.  It is overwhelming to look back like this on early work. I can´t belive it is the same person... but I know it is. 

måndag 17 september 2018

13th-15th of September and Slow Down with a Zendala!

It is nice to revisite old strings! And so different from when I started working my way through all strings in the Tanglepattern´s resources! Here are three more takes on string 002! I used Tipple, Twilight (Judy Genovese), Beadline (Margaret Bremner), Printemps, Paradox, Webz (Suzanne McNeill), Eke, Diva Dance and Undu (Daniel Lamothe). I would have liked to show the one I did first, but I can´t find it right now. I will look for it.

Today I made a zendala. I saw something somewhere that reminded me of my bottle with Chinese ink and brushes belonging to it. So I made strings on a couple of zendalas using Chinese ink. I love the blackness in this ink!!! Here is the zendala:

I have been writing a lot of Haiku  (Japanese poetry) and doing so I also used this kind of ink doing ilustrations for some of those little poems. Now I could use the same ink with the wonderful brushes like this! So much fun!!! In the centre the pretty pattern OCSIDOT (Sandy Kelly Jones), and then Tipple, Printemps, Indyrella and Fescu. 

lördag 15 september 2018

Celebrating IAST 5 years!

Adele Bruno has made challenges with strings for 5 years! It is amazing and I have been following this , not for 5 years, but I am so impressed that she has been able to do this. So much fun you share with us Adele! So here is my contribution for this event:

The patterns as suggested for this challenge: Knights Bridge, Kitl (Jem Miller), O (Adele Bruno) and Prestwood (Margaret Bremner). 

torsdag 13 september 2018

10th-12th of September

Sometime ago I did work my way through all strings in the Tanglepatterns resource. Then I didn´t really think about it the way I do today. I won´t go back and do it all over again, I have done that! But I want to explore a string more than once and the calendar is perfect for this task. It is not my unique idea, but I saw Laura Byerly do this and I want to explore it! I started with the most basic strings of all, the Z-string. If you have seen my earlier blogpost, you might recognize the 10th. I was so excited doing this, I had to try it on a tile too in a similar way with Static, Echoism, Crescent Moon and Eke. On the 11th it is quite difficult to find the string but it is there! Mooka, Maze, Tipple and Striping. On the 12th it is easier with Echoism, `NZeppel and Tipple. Same string but totally different approach! I love to see there are so many possibilities!

tisdag 11 september 2018

I am the Diva´s challenge 367

Here is my entry for DC 367!

I got some cardstock from a friend of mine working in a printing. I tried to work on this for the Diva´s challenge with `NZeppel and Gottago (Lianne Woods). I think it looks nice almost like working on a renaissance tile. I only used Pigma Micron black, White charcoal and graphite. Laura suggested `NZeppel and I wanted to keep it simple since `NZeppel is one of my favourites and I enjoyed this challenge a lot.

måndag 10 september 2018

More Rain and the Diva´s Challenge 366

I finished this calendarpage yesterday morning. Rain is such a fascinating tangle. I wanted to get it work with other tangles, since this is the challenging thing for me when it comes to Rain. Luckily for me I have Lynn Shelton Mead´s Tangle Deck where I can get some clues to go on with the pattern! I belive you can see this influence at least on the 7th if you have got the Tangle Decs yourselves! The other patterns I used are Tipple, Printemps and one I haven´t tried since I learned it, Kathy´s Dilemma. Some different auras too.

Yesterday was the election-day here in Sweden. As I was sitting in front of the TV nervously waiting  for the results I talked to Susan Kelley Pundt on messenger. She suggested I should tangle while waiting and so I did! It was a very good way to spend the time, I needed to relax! Thank´s Susan, here is my tile from last evening and this one will do for the Diva´s Challenge 365 as well!

A little more Rain, Striping, Tipple, Cubine, Crescent Moon and Bales.

Because of the result of the election I woke up this morning feeling bad. So many in our society has voted for a party with it´s roots in nazi- and rasist- ideology! This is scarying and when I was younger I had no idea that I would see this happening in my country during my lifetime! I feel ashamed too, that this is the reality today! I am so sorry and I am not alone feeling like this, no matter that my own party has grown too. So I sat down and made one more for the Diva, which made me feel a lot better. In both these tiles I used the basic Z-string. On the second I tangled Static, Echoism and Eke, patterns I know so well by heart and as I tangled them I felt like I tangled against hatred and evilness which was very satisfying. 

To those who might read this: I am not thinking that zentangle is a political thing. But tangling must open your mind. Tangling gives you a possible way to learn in your heart that diversity and variations are essential and possibilities to go further on, not something you should be avoiding or fear! I think this is why I love the zentangle method so much!