söndag 12 maj 2019

Same String x 4

The String in Zentangle is something I have learned to appreciate more and more as I tangle on. From the start I did like the idea of dividing the working space with this technique. But now I feel like without a string it is more difficult not to start planning the result of the tangling. The freedom of limits is something recognizable in any kind of art. With no limits it is very very hard to create anything.  The string is the kind of limit that can change during the work, which is the best kind of limit when it comes to create something unique. The string is just a string, it is possible to step over it, to bury it and go in other directions or just follow it strictly. This means that the String is to be followed as a guideline, nothing else.

The Fb group "Today´s Tangles-Keeping It Classic" offers a prompt every week which includes a string and a list of official patterns. This week the string was Fragment B3 from the Zentangle Primer. It was such a great string, I just went on doing it in different ways. I didn´t choose the patterns myself this time, I let a dice with numbers 1-20 do it for me, which worked well since the suggested patterns were 18.

Patterns: Crescentmoon, `NZeppel, Florz and Printemps

Patterns: Mooka and Ixorus

Patterns: Hollibaugh, Florz, Betweed, and Rain

Patterns: Betweed, Striping, Tipple and Ennies

As I did four of them I got a nice mosaique which makes me happy! I can keep turning the tiles, change the places of the tiles and it will look new each time!

I am not sure I am finished with this string yet. There are infinite possibilities to work with this, so far I have used the string  strictly I think, which means that it is possible to see where the string goes even if you don´t know what it actually looks like. What happens if I only use one pattern?  What happens if a pattern crosses the lines going it´s own ways? This is so much fun! To find out what happens if I go into another direction.....

torsdag 25 april 2019

All about Ratoon

Shortly after the CZT32 seminar, in november, The Zentangle Headquarter released the pattern Ratoon. I was still in US at that time at my friend Susan´s place and we experienced this pattern together. It is such a beautiful pattern! It is a high-focus-pattern, but after having done it a couple of times it is easy to remember.  This is one of my first Ratoons which I made in Susan´s home:

Ratoon with Dewd and a variation of Crescentmoon.

I was so happy with this one! But after this I made one that went it´s own way for sure!
Green Ratoon with Florz and auras.

In March 29 Helen Williams made a post on Ratoon that was very inspiring! And made my Ratoon go into another direction:

Sandy Kelley Jones take on Ratoon after having seen
Helen Williams blog!

I love the ribbonlike Ratoon! Then I wanted to try it on a black zendala:

Ratoon with Crescentmoon, Tipple and Sonnenband
(Simone Bischoff)

I think this one came out like something in between the first one and the ones I did after I had seen Helen Williams post. Ratoon is such a fun tangle to learn and it does live it´s own life most of the time. Which is a good sign for a true zentangle!   

torsdag 4 april 2019

Journaling: Recycling!

I am constantly keeping my eyes open for papers, letters, labels and other stuff that I can recycle in my art (collages - mixedmedia paintings). Now as I got the chance to make a prompt in a FB-group I took my chance and made it all about recycling. I haven´t been tangling a lot on other materials so this was also a challenge for myself. My first page went like this:

I used watercolor, stamps and a crossword I tangled on. Since I don´t do crosswords very often I liked to do them this way instead! The tangles on this page are: Cat-Kin (Mimi Lempart), Sistar (Hanny Nura), CaligraV (Mary d´Angelo) nd fragment H5.

The second page:

Recycled material: A label from a coffee-packaging, a part from a golden envelope, a piece of marbeled paper I have kept for years and a piece of a thicker paper that had a beautiful brown color. the label I had to find another pen to tangle with and Sakura Soufflé worked fine.  The golden envelope is tangled with Sakura Identipen and white charcoal. I am not scrapbooking but once I found some borders for sale, very cheap and I thought I might be able to use it someplace....That is in the bottom of the page. It was a little difficult to take a photo of this page, it was quite glossy! The tangles used:Wud (Joni Feddersen), Tripoli, Pokeroot, Mooka, Sez, Tipple and Printemps.

The third page:

If the second page was about coffee, I had to use a label from my favourite wine! Which wasn´t easy to tangle on! Micron´s didn´t work too well. Gellypen were ok. But then I found out that I could use Acrylic-paint-pen and then tangle on the dried surface! I also added a tangled part of a page from a book I won´t read again. Here are a lot of tangles, some I have forgotten the name of but here comes a list of those I know: Mooka, Tipple, Diva Dance,Dewd, Ruutz (Eni Oken), Pop-Cloud (Carla du Prez), Laced (Elisabeth Martin), some Crescentmoon... The page from the book was tangled quite long ago but I didn´t know what to do with it until now.

Oh yes! I had a lot of fun doing this!

torsdag 28 mars 2019

Dingsplatz and IAST285

I have been having fun with Dingsplatz for a couple of days along with the Way Bop-thing. This is an easy technique to limit the work-space. Rick and Maria demonstrates how to do this in a video you find here. It is addictive and it is very relaxing. So when Adele Bruno asked for Dingsplatz in her challenge no. 285 it was right up in my alley!

This one I made on a rennaissance-tile a week ago and in the center I used Fragment D23. Then a lot of orbs, Crescentmmon and some Fescu.

This one is from my Cappucino-journal (which I like very much, the paper is of a kind that makes it possible to work on both sides of a page). In the center I used Spoken and Striping. Then Crescentmoon again and orbs and auras.

My latest Dingsplatz for IAST 285. In the center Fragment E25, Then Shattuck and Betweed and Orbs.

I love to do them. They just land on the paper/tile or whatever I draw on!

tisdag 26 mars 2019

Practicing Way Bop.

I think everyone knows that it takes practicing to learn a tangle. Most tangles are easy to learn and easy to draw. But there are tangles that need some more practicing than other tangles to learn them and know them by heart. Those tangles are often called high focus tangles. Of course there are differences between tanglers - what seems easy for one tangler might be hard for another. Sometimes I am not motivated to practice as much as I should to make a tangle beeing mine, and I abandon that tangle and maybe I don´t pick it up at all. But those tangles very often  come my way anyhow and I can´t avoid them much longer. This is interesting, they just show up and tell me to do them over again!  This happened in the last prompt in Todays Tangles - Keeping it Classic. Way Bop: A new possibility for me to learn! 

Step-outs are good. But I don´t like to have the step-out in front of me while tangling. I need to know the tangle by heart to be able to get the full benefit of tangling. 

On the first one I had to look at the step-out. It was a little struggle until Printemps, Striping and Flux could take care of the process and make it pleasant again.

After this I asked little Bijou to help. I made Waybop more than three times, acutally I tangled on the back of the Bijous too. The three last Bijous I didn´t need the step-outs any more! Happy moment!

The second tile was a joy to make! Not me struggling any more. Here with Jonqual, Zinger, Flux and Printemps. This was a way to make friends with a beautiful tangle and I guess Way Bop has come to stay with me this time! 

söndag 17 mars 2019

Journal and Fullmoon Mosaic

Prompt6. Magic Carpet Ride. To create a magic carpet? This Prompt from Karen Polkinghorne was so fun to do. A magic carpet that flies away above the clouds.... I once again went to my box with abandoned tiles and found one made on white notepaper and one on a paper painted with black gesso. The first one was a low quality paper, you know those who comes in notecubes. As I started as a tangler I just took any paper to work on. The next one was an experiment, I wanted to try the black gesso surface if it could work tangling on. It worked, but it didn´t work the way I liked so I stopped trying this. Now I made some weaving and went on tangling a border around the middle part of the carpet. It needed some color, so the watercolorpencils got to do the work. Still it wasn´t enough magic in this, so I used my Sakura Gold, that I got on the seminar and made the carpet glitter! There it was and I liked it!

I have seen the Fullmoonmosaic (a challenge from Hanny Nura) done a couple of times and I have thought it is a beautiful thing to be a part of. Now I did go for it and if the Magic Carpet Ride was a magical ride, this Fullmoonmosaic sure was magical to do. Hanny Nura gave us 2 strings and one pattern, Irka (Alena Light), to take off from. Here are my tiles:

Patterns: Irka (Alena Light), Peace Petals (Sandy Kelley Jones)
Locar, Poke Leaf and Poke Root.

Patterns: Irka (Alena Light), Icantoo (Hanny Nura), Flux,
Tipple and Fragment Q7

I wanted to have them together too:

Oooh I loved to do this! The fullmoon is shining!

fredag 8 mars 2019

Journal and DC 387

I really enjoy this journalprompts! No.5 is Textures. Textures is something I have been aware of all the time working with my paintings in my studio, and it has been important to me as an inspiration and as an expression. To make it in a minor size like this was so thrilling! I started with those eco-dyed papers I have saved from the fall 2017. The first one (with the heart) I had made in february 2018, but I had to cut it to fit in the journal. On this page also a strip from a tissue with the pattern bleed through. Talking about my other work in the studio I cut a piece from a paint cloth and tangled on it with Identipen and a Permopaque pen.

The second eco-dyed tile I tangled for this purpose and I love the way it came out! On this page is a structure paper tangled with Rahat Farzana´s new pattern Najam,and then a tissue tangled with Flux (the frontside this time). The page needed some Ipso (Jennifer Hohensteiner) too.

This weekly challenge no387 from the Diva is UMT (Use My Tangle), which is an event the first challenge every month and this time it is all about Holly Atwater´s ha Wy. This tangle is a challenge to me, I admit that. I have tried it in my sketchbook, on bijoutiles and at last I made it on a black Apprentice tile (11,4x11,4 cm).

It is a fun pattern based on an asterisk. I like the geometric qualities but I have to work on it to get it going. I placed it in a round as a monotangle and I am pleased with the way it came out.