torsdag 28 september 2017

22nd-27th of September and some Pixiose and Diva´s challenge

One of my comfort-tangles is Florz. It never fails. And it always finds new ways to go. Here it went on and 23rd was inspired by Sandy Kelley Jones and then on the 24th it went Steam Punk!

Last three days have been busy. I haven´t done much tangling but my calendar is a friend so I went for Hollibaugh. Hollibaugh is a pattern I have used a lot but the way to variate it...? It is so much in it´s own, drama and depth. I played with it and tried to just let it go. Some patterns joined; Bronx cheer, Wired (Suzanne McNeill), Holes (?), Tipple and ´NZeppel. 

This is also crazy ´NZeppel with Pixiose (Margaret Bremner). Two favouritetangels in combination. Loved to do this as an entry for Diva´s challenge No. 334!

fredag 22 september 2017

Cozy tangling for the Diva´s challenge

The last guestblogger for the season at the Diva´s challenge are Juliette Fiessinger and Kellie Fellinge. Read about the challenge here. I am not sure I have got this right. We are supposed to use cozy tangles for the change of season. I listened to their podcast and decided to use one of my ECO-print tiles.

I am surprised myself how many tangles that appeared in this tile. It was meditative though. As a string I used the print underneath. Another surprise was that there actually came out a heartshape! No it wasn´t planned. Not the tangles either. I just tried to stay in that feeling I got from the podcast. The tangles are: Featherfall (Carole Ohl),Tipple, Ennies, Static, Diva Dance, Evoke and Hollibaugh. Except Featherfall, all are zentangles.

torsdag 21 september 2017

19th-21st of september and a daily tangle

The tangle I choose this time is Static. Yes it is one of my first learned and I bet this is the case for many of us! I had fun trying to use it in other ways than the common ways! 

Nancy Domnauer is the featured artist in the fb-group today´s tangles. Her challenge is a heart-challenge. Use the heart as a string and  her pattern Tour. Here comes my tile:

The other patterns are: Ginili (Randi Wynne-Parry), Ennies and Crescent Moon. I wasn´t pleased at all with my first try. That one has to wait till I know what to do about it. I still have hang-ups when it comes to heartshape. I don´t like when they become to pretty! And that sure happens. But this  tile made me happy. I made the dots in the corners, penciled the line and I made a string, not with one heart but four.

måndag 18 september 2017

Joey´s 6/9 challenge

Happy Monday, Joey´s challenge! The 6th of 9 tiles. The pattern to use this time was Ginili (Randi Wynne-Parry). I haven´t tried Ginili before, but I have seen it. Such a beautifully flowing pattern! Loved it from the start! Here is my 6th:

The other patterns: Cruffle (Sandy Hunter), Cubine, Tripoli, Diva Dance, Evoke and Tipple. Here is all so far:

Whatever will come on next three, I know one thing: It will come with a lot of fun!

13th - 18th of September

13th-15th: Onamato on the go! Onamato is one of the first tangles I learned. But I haven´t played with it much. I have used it but not in this way. On the 13th I use it with Papermint (Sandy Hunter) and tried some small variations. On the 14th I went on with the variations and let Cruffle (Sandy Hunter) join. On the 15th I also used Printemps and Tipple. 

16th-18th: Flux is also a tangle I learned from the start. But I have only used Rick´s variation, not Maria´s. Maria´s Flux is quite different even if it still is a one-stroke pattern! First I felt a little bit Mookish about it, but the more I used it the more Flux was going on! And look what happened when I blow it up! And on the 18th I think this Flux went crazy! Loved this! 

torsdag 14 september 2017

IAST 211 - Ampersand

Never heard of Ampersand National Day! But now I have. Through Adele Bruno and A String Thing!

Here comes my very late Ampersand-tile:

The name Ampersand wasn´t familiar to me either. We call it Et. But now I know.  I used Aa:s (Judy Murphy), Star map (Suzanne McNeill) and Striping (Zt). 

So happy to hear that Adele is safe after Irma! So this is a happy Ampersand!

onsdag 13 september 2017

The Diva is back! Challenge no 332!

Laura Harms is back after what seem like a wonderful and fun vacation. She starts of with a fun challenge: 2 Squares. That´s it. I have tried to make som Eco-printed tiles the last weeks. Som of them were printed on both sides and that wasn´t optimal, since I have to choose which side of the tile I prefer! I had made a mess on one of them and put it aside not knowing what to do about it. So I turned it and let the print guide were to draw the squares. It was fun!

This time I regret I didn´t take a before-pic! But I was too eager to get started so I forgot all about it. Yes, I did try some tranzending too, which worked out this way. I am happy about the process in this tile, since the planning was none and the guidance was the surface with marks from leaves, and some other stuff. The patterns; Mooka, Nipa, Indyrella, O (Adele Bruno) and Fragment D11.

tisdag 12 september 2017

10th, 11th and 12th of September

9 days I have focused on playing with one or two tangles every three days in my calendar. I like this. This is a way for me to learn and explore. It is fun! I should have worked like this earlier, but I am afraid I am not that structured. But now I have told my brain this is new every day anyhow,although it is the same pattern I play with! I am not unfamiliar to think like this. I am used to it when I make new experiences  as I work with my paintings. At last I have found this is fun in tangling too!!! I should have known....

I choose Eke among all for this page. This tangle is so easy to learn. Everyone who has learned handwriting in school knows this is an e or maybe an l! I haven´t used Eke frequently in tangling, at least not that I was aware of. But Linda Farmer told me that my LO´s could be an tangleation of Eke! So I have been thinking a lot about trying Eke invariations. Of course my LO´s appeared on the 12th.

Today´s meditation went in another direction. Fleavy (Hanny Nura) is the focustangle in Square One. I have done it before and I do like it very much, it is flowing very easy.

As I tried Arukas in a spiral (inspired by Lynn Shelton Mead´s work) earlier, I saw the Fleavy in it so it was just waiting to be done! Here it is with Beeline and Tipple. I like it this way. On the surface of the tile, under the tangles I wrote some things that are important to me and fills me with gratitude. Not my idea, but an idea from CZT Mary Bartop. I loved to do this. 

måndag 11 september 2017

Joey´s challenge 5/9

At last Monday and no 5 in the mosaic-challenge from Joey! A new pattern introduced: Muscari by Elaine Benfatto. Haven´t seen this pattern before!

No 5 means this is the middlesection! I felt like my version of Muscari needed some pink (I admit, I was inspired to do so from my travelling tangles adventure yesterday). Don´t know if this was a good decision or not. Well well, I have to be patient, no rush it is only a week till next tile! Here is my mosaic so far:

Not a good pic, but anyhow it will be better when I can use the daylight, which I will when I take the final pic!

söndag 10 september 2017

Happy mail from Australia!

Australia is on the other side of the globe. So far away! But Travelling Tangles brings people together! About a month ago Sue Zanker and I found out it was about a year ago we met on Fb in the Travelling Tangles Project. So we decided to give it one more round! I haven´t been doing this for quite a long time now, being busy with a lot of other things.  In the end of last week I got my happy mail! Whow, it was like Christmas Eve in September!

Three wonderful starters. And a card with beautifully written words on, Calligraphy by Sue!! I have it on my wall. Calligraphy, Lettering is so inspiring, but as I haven´t done much of that myself, I do appreciate what other people are able to do in this special artform. 

Well which one of the candies should I start with! I chose the one with the gem and Spoken. Here is the beforepic:

It isn´t a very sharp pic but that´s the one I got since I was too eager to start on the tile, I didn´t check it out! Here is the result of the collaboration:

Sue´s gem is so beautifully done in purple. You can see a little "straw" glimmering inside it. As I drew my tangles;Shattuck, Eke, Mooka (all Zt) some pearls and LO´s (my own), I could not resist trying to add some pink too. I usually don´t use pink very much but here it had to come. i guess it is because of Sue, I think she once told me she love pink. So much joy and fun in this Sue, thank you for giving me the opportunity! 

7th, 8th and 9th of September goes Shattuck

Shattuck is one of those patterns I have used from the very start of my Zentanglejourney. I love to do it, but actually I haven´t giving it the time to devellop.

So here it comes and I love to do this finding so many more ways to use it. And yes I got my inspiration at the start from the Tangledecks (Lynn Shelton Mead)

fredag 8 september 2017

Friday - Zendaladay!

Today I felt like celebrating something. No birthday around no special events. Just give myself the opportunity to work on a zendalatile celebrating Friday. Here it is:

The patterns appearing are: Mooka, Tipple, Nipa, Quabog (all Zt) and Lenche (mine). I very seldom use gold in my tiles but today I felt like it was the right thing to do. Working on a Zendala is very relazing. But I admit it is also sometimes frustrating. It happens quite often I come to a point working on a Zendala when I have doubts about what I am doing and start to think of the result instead of the process which means loosing my focus. It doesn´t happen very often working on an ordinary tile 8,9x8,9. But a Zendala takes more time for me to do and then unwanted thoughts may pop up during the process. By now I have learned telling myself, when this happens, just go on knowing that my doubts just are reminders that I´m not finished yet! And it works!

So here is my Friday Zendala. Finished. Doubts forgotten.

31st of August, 4th, 4th and 6th of September

Maybe I have got an idea what to do in my calender for September. I havent used a theme but I think I will this time.

I want to explore one - two patterns at a time. Two patterns since it is so interesting to make them go into eachother, emerge from eachother. One pattern since I almost never give one pattern time enough to find out possible ways to go with it and hopefully sometimes out of the box. I am pleased with the last three days starting with Strickle (Zt) and going into Nipa. It was fun and I am happy about the result.

I realized I have forgotten to publish last day of August! Here it is:

Arukas, one of my favouritetangles ever! In new shapes inspired by Lynn Shelton Mead!

tisdag 5 september 2017

Joey´s challenge 4/9

No 4 is done! This time Joey added a pattern new to me. It is called Breach by Yu Ru Chen. A fun pattern that can go lots of ways!

Breach is easy to learn and I think this pattern will stay in my pile of favourites!The others are: Bales, Nipa, Evoke (all Zentangle) and then Beadlines (Margaret Bremner and some Dewdrops. The Nipa variation is something I wanted to try from Lynn Shelton Mead´s Tangledeck. 

This is like going on a Tangle-trip in more than one way. First just let the string guide the whole design, then unexpected adventures along the way and and having a map (Tangle Decks) in my bag! A lot of fun is going on! Here is the entire pic so far:

måndag 4 september 2017

Back to basic and going further

The zentanglemethod, dots, penciled line between them and a string is important to me as I want to have this structure for my daily meditation. The other steps to; appreciate, gratitude, breath, no planning follows.

No worries, I would add. Just DO it. I need some help sometimes. Something that make me stay in the moment and feel the joy when the lines goes their way and I instinctivly knows what to do next. I am so happy with my Tangle Decks from Lynn Shelton Mead. The patterns there are all known, but beautifully and carefully done and the monotangles of each pattern are inspiring and open up new possibilities to approach the patterns. As I first learned Arukas, I loved it. But I didn´t explore it the way I did with the Tangle Decks! I loved to do this and Arukas in a spiral led to Beelight, a pattern I haven´t used much at all. The Beadlines had to go with it. It was so exciting!

Today´s meditation was important to me. I needed to be focused on a task I must do today. The funny thing is I did use the Square One focus tangle, BtlJoos (Sandy Steen Bartholomew). That tangle makes me smile.

It is gliding through the tile, slipping away don´t know where... Then Evoke (Zt) came to give some balance and Cruffle (Sandy Hunter) wanted to take care of the BtlJoos and make me smile even more. Yes, that was what I needed, whitout knowing it! It is amazing! 

1st, 2nd and 3rd of September

I started this month with Carole Ohls suggested fragment T4. I did it without checking Primer 1 and tried Carole´s version. It didn´t go my way so I checked the Primer and then I liked it better. Still this fragment was a challenge.

2nd: I wanted to play with Quabog (Zt), I had seen Sandy Kelley Jones do it and I thought it could work with the Diva´s challenge but I had to try it first. I liked it this way, like a sun spreading the warmth to us.
3rd: Printems and BtlJoos together and something I don´t know what it could be but inspired by the sunfeeling the day before. 

lördag 2 september 2017

Petoskey stones

Jane Reiter is guestblogger for the Diva this week.  Her challenge is different from others. I have never heard of Petoskey Stones before. It is such a beautiful thing she tells us about! Go to the blog and have a look here!  Here are som pics  (closeups) of the Petoskey Stones:

As you can see the patterns are pentagones and hexagones.

Jane asked us to make a tile inspired by the Petoskey Stones. First I made a little Bijou:

I choose to work with the pentagone, since I never use to do that! I havent used ecoprinted tiles before either! The pattern is Quabog (Zt). The next one is on a regular tile 8,9x8,9 cm:

This one is also on ecoprint paper (Fabriano Tiepolo). I went on with Quabog, I did like this easy and flexible pattern, which I have tried once or twice. The other patterns are Zinger, Tripoli and Tipple, all Zt. This challenge was different and so interesting to do! I think I won´t forget about Petoskey Stones. Ever. Thank´s to Jane Reiter!