måndag 26 augusti 2019

Project Pack 06 - NO Mistakes!

I have followed the Project Packs from Zentangle since they started doing them, but this is the first time I have bought the pack myself. You don´t need to buy anything you can follow the video-lessons and do them on material you already got. A friend of mine who recently went to the seminar in Providence brought me a pack which was great. Thank you Eriko, I appreciated this a lot! In the pack was a mini-journal to work in. I like the idea of journals. But what made this PP06 special was the theme: No Mistakes!. This is one of those things that I appreciate most about zentangle. Maybe one of the most important things that both has affected my own creativity and also it has affected my way of approaching things in my everyday life. As a painting artist I have  been aware of this  philosophy, "there are no mistakes in art - only possibilities". But with the zentangle-method I practise the no-mistakes-philosophy every day in one way or another! Of course this must affect my way of doing things and my way of looking at things!

The introduction-video to the PP06 is recommended to watch HERE.

And here are my eight days with PP06:

When the 8 days were done there are still a lot of pages to do, which is comforting, since the eight day came too fast, I could have followed these videos a lot longer! It is still possible to go back and watch the videos more than one time and I sure will, they are so inspiring.

How to create this pages without buying the pack? Well I tried to, since I wanted to try these ideas in a class last Saturday. I spilled chinese ink on some. And I spilled acrylic Mars Black heavybody diluted with water on some. They both worked very well though I had to let the ink dry much longer till it worked with my white gelly roll. I made this on tiles but I would love to try it in a concertina sketchbook too! Here is one example on chinese ink:

and on on acrylics:

I enjoyed PP06 a lot mostly because of the "no-mistake" theme. But the result working on spilled pages is also very exciting. I look forward filling the rest of this little green journal up with tangles! And yes, I am going to tangle the frontpage too!