fredag 30 juni 2017

28th-30th of June

Today my sister Maria would have had her 55th birthday. She never went that far, she died before her 18th birthday of leukemia. At that time there wasn´t much hope if you got Leukemia. Now it is different even if it is a serious form of cancer. As I looked in my calendar today I remembered her. She was such a beautiful girl and talented.

Here are my last three day´s in the calendar:

28th of June: Nobbles (Jane Nichols), Geared (Sandra Strait), Nuts and Bolts (Ina Sonnenmoser),Papz (mine)

Nobbles I found through Tangle it - Tanglepattern club. But there is a similar pattern in Musterquelle, called Cirli (Diana Linsse). I don´t know which one was the first to come up with this. Anyway, it is such a fun pattern!

29th of June: I went on with Papz, Caviar (Lori Howe) and Praa (Simone Menzel).

30th of June: Flez (Lori Howe, Caviar (Lori Howe) Camread (Susan Yeo with friends from Malaysia), Flux and Printemps.

My tile from today:

I went on with Camread. It is the focustangle in Square One and it is a fun tangle. Here together with Abeko (Lynn Shelton Mead) and Caviar (Lori Howe). This time I used a string from Tanglepattern Club. Today it has been a warm summers day. Maybe it is the first one. It affected me in a way, because I slowed down more than I use to do! The heath was helpful, and I appreciate the way this turned out because of the slow slow motion!

onsdag 28 juni 2017

Recycling again

Going on with recycling watercolorpaintings! I like to do this. It is a nice feeling to make something of paintings I looked at as a failure. Something that can´t be a failure. Because when you tangle nothing is a failure, just a possibility!

As I opened Fb this morning I found out that a friend and tangler, Ela Rieger has her birthday and looking at the tile I wanted to make this one to celebrate her. And it came out like a birthday-cake I think! With berries and candies and things in between. No I didn´t plan this, I only had her birthday in mind tangling! The patterns are: Flez (Lori Howe),Nobbless (Jane Nichols), Schlingl (Ela Rieger), Hearts4G (mine), Fescu and Florz. The string is the old painting.

tisdag 27 juni 2017

Calendar and C-view

A new tangle appeared recently from Ria Matheussen. It is called C-view and as I viewed it I immediately was attracted to it. Last three days in the calendar has C-view in focus:

25th of June: C-view (Ria Matheussen) with Flux, Fescu and Tipple.
26nd of June: C-view meets Flez (Lori Howe).
27th of Juni: Almost a solonumber with C-view, but here is also Flez again and Fescu.

Todays tile is also about C-view:

Followed by Flez again. C-view is flowerlike and organic. I like it a lot because it can be drawn lovely and pretty as well as cool and nasty! I can look like a flower from outer space or something you find in your garden.

måndag 26 juni 2017

I am the Diva´s challenge no 321

A little late for this challenge but I wanted to do it anyway! The Diva asked us to do a tile with our non-dominant hand and to use tangles with auras. 

I made it on a marbeled tile. To work with the non-dominant hand, in my case the left one, is very relaxing. It is the process, not the result that counts but I am pleased with wobbeling lines and non-perfect style! I used Undu (Daniel Lamothe), Flukes, Florz, Static and Tipple.

Celebrating IAST 200

Celebrating the 200th IAST-challenge Adele Bruno has come up with a new tangle: C-Perf. There are several possibilities to play with C-perf and Adele describes it as a happy tangle. It is. And it flows so gentle and easy over the surface.

I do like the C-perf. But confused about how different it looks depending on what kind of C you use. It is a monotangle but doesn´t look like one! Adele´s step-out is a story about the way a pattern develops and worth reading! I will get back to the C-Perf and try it out more. So for now: Congratulations to the 200th Challenge!

söndag 25 juni 2017

Calendar 19th-24th of June

After my latest post we have been celebrating Solstice or as we call it in Sweden: Midsummers Eve and Midsummers Day. This must be the most Swedish tradition there is! Jumping and dancing round a poole decorated with leafs, flowers and wreaths! Eating, drinking and singing Swedish drinking songs.

I am not sure this affected my calendarpages. They are all filled with O-tangles for "Today´s Tangles".

Maybe they are a little busy. But I liked to do them. There is only one tangle I haven´t tried before and that is Owls by Beth Snoderly on 22nd. But some of the patterns I don´t use regularely.

The patterns are: Onamato (Zt), (O)by Damy, Orbs de la Dee (Anneke van Dam), Olb (Helen Williams), O (Adele Bruno), Off Key (Lori Byerly), Orange Arc (Sandra Strait) Oybay (Antonine Koval), Opus (Zt), Owls (Beth Snoderly), Organic (Sayantika Ray), Ovy (Adam Roades), Oke (Michele Beauchamp), On Target (Barbara Finwall) and Oof (Zt).

måndag 19 juni 2017

IAST 199

When I first saw the string for this challenge with the patterns Apacore (Lori Manoogian) and Wired (Suzanne McNeill)I hesitated, couldn´t see what to do with it. But as I started not knowing, the tangling took over and being in the zone, I didn´t worry. 

This is what I love most about tangling. Once starting you never know where it takes you. Not planning, just doing it the way you learned it with dots in the corners, pencil-boarder and then the string... Doing so, it is so relaxing and gives so much satisfaction and that is what happened this time too! And I am happy with the result. Thank´s Adele, you brought me back to basics again! 

My calendar goes Steampunkish!

The focustangle of Square One is now Struutz by Sarah Fowler. It wasn´t new to me, I had saved the stepout in my pile with tangles to try! Struutz is different to most of the patterns going around among tanglers. It looks fun and it is so fun to draw!

Struutz forced me to explore more about Steampunk-style. Once when I was a begginer in the zentangleworld I got a comment saying something like my tile looked like steampunk. I had never heard that word before and knew nothing about it, so I looked it up. From what I understood it was about machines, Bolts, Materials and so on. Here you can find out more about Steampunk!

Of course you can draw Struutz in many other contexts, but my first thought about the pattern was something belonging to a machine! So the last three days was like this, crowded, filled up and a lot of new things. 

16th of June: Struutz (Sarah Fowler), Dansk (Margaret Bremner), Showgirl (Vicki Bassett), and Hearts4G (mine).

17th of June: More Struutz with Gear Flower (Sandra Strait), Nuts and Bolts (Ina Sonnenmoser), Vitruvius (Zt) and Maze (Zt).

18th of June: Even more Struutz with Gear Flower (Sandra Strait), Geared (Sandra Strait), Holes (Suzanne McNeill), Dansk (Margaret Bremner), Hearts4G (mine), Mooka (Zt), Dex (Zt), and Maze (Zt).

Today 19th of June I was ready to try it on a tile! 

It looks cleaner, I slow down more working on a regular tile. Here with Vitruvius, Cubine, Hibred and Tipple. I might not be a Steampunk tangler, but I can see the style has affected at least this tile.

What I learned from this adventure is, Steampunk is FUN, Steampunk looks very complicated but isn´t, Steampunk is relaxing so if you haven´t tried it, don´t hesitate! Give it a round!

fredag 16 juni 2017

Hearts 4 G - new pattern!

My oldest son, Gunnar, had his birthday yesterday. He is now 36 years old! I can´t belive time has passed that fast! I still remember everything about holding him the first time in life! Yesterday I concentrated my thoughts on him and then this pattern appeard on the paper. I decided to make it for him and draw it on a rennaisance tile. I don´t know what he will think about it, but he is coming here thursday next week and than I´ll know!

The other patterns here are Showgirl (Vicki Bassett), Apacore (Lori Manoogian), Tipple (Zt) and Maze (Zt). Well yes, it is a heart-tangle and there might be patterns like this around. I haven´t done any pattern using hearts before and this is quite whimsical. First I wasn´t sure to even call it a pattern, but sleeping on it I decided to name it and use it. The hearts are drawn close to eachother and drawn in a way that makes them fit in closely.

Next to do was to make step-out. And try it on a regular white tile.

Here it is with Papz (mine), Paizel (Angie Vangalis) and Cheesecloth (Suzanne Mc Neill).

Finally here are the step-outs:

This pic is scanned to get the ultimate sharpness, but the color 
is not right. The white is too white and the backgroundcolor should be like in the photo of the rennaisance-tile above.

If you like this pattern, let me know! You are of course free to use this pattern as you please!

torsdag 15 juni 2017

13th, 14th and 15th of June

Dansk (Margaret Bremner) is a tangle that wanted to join me for some days! 

I couldn´t stop as I once learned this from the Diva´s challenge. Oke (Michelle Beauchamp) came by on the 14th as it was the most natural thing in the world!  and on the 15th Afterglo (Carole Ohl), Beadlines (Margaret Bremner) and Diva Dance(Zt) entered the scene. They had a ball! And everyone is happy!

onsdag 14 juni 2017

Diva´s challenge UMT 320: Dansk

I have met Dansk before but not tried it. At the first sight it is similar to a lot of other patterns done with auras. But as I tried it this time I found out it can be a quite useful pattern! I started doing it on a stone I found on our vacation up in the mountains!

The stone to the left is with Dansk, the one to the right is with Ziggle (Chase Messineo) and some golden Tipple (Zt).

Today I finished my tile on a tile from recycled watercolor-painting:

I used Dansk (Margaret Bremner), Wheelz (Joyce Block), Poke Root (Zt) and Poke Leaf (Zt). The string is the background watercolorpainting.

måndag 12 juni 2017

I am the Diva´s challenge no 319 and IAST 198

I made my beads of courage, for Diva´s challenge 319, last night before going to sleep. Here it comes:

I used Agni (Lily Moon), Cruffle (Sandy Hunter) and some other Beads I have no name on. This is a different and relaxing challenge from the Diva coming back now and then. This time I went for color again and for shading I used a Distress Marker.

The next challenge I really wanted to participate in is IAST 198. It is a feature for Agni, the pattern that Lily Moon created her daughter in memoriam. I love that pattern and doing it I send my thoughts to Lily for her unbelivable loss.

In the challenge there are also Knightsbridge (Zt) and Tira (Ragged Ray).  Knightsbridge is a dominant pattern, I like it but very often it takes over the place! I have only tried Tira once and I wasn´t to happy of the result that time! But here I like it. It is like the pearls in Agni continue in Tira!

1st - 12th of June

I haven´t forgotten my blog or abandone it! But I have been away on vacation for a week. Before I left I didn´t have the time either. But here comes my calendar pages:

 I started the month of June with the fragment Carole Ohl suggested, J15. It was som work on it but it was fun! The second day of June I was walking my dogs as usual in the early morning. This time I noticed the small triangular window under the roof of a barn we use to pass quite often. I thought it must make a nice little Dingbatz so...I filled it with Tint (Henrike Bratz) and Impossible triangles (Zt). On the third I went on with Tint and Crescent moon (Zt).

4th, 5th and 6th on vacation. Went on with the Dingbatz-model! I liked to do this page a lot starting after breakfast before we went out into the wild! 
7th 8th and 9th: Tried to learn 2V (Ginny Lu). 7th was to follow the steps carefully, 8th I made it in combo with N´Zeppel and on the 9th I tried it with B-Twined (Pegi Shargel). Think I liked the 9th best...

10th, 11th and 12th. Back home again and now Diva dance goes through the entire page followed by Puffin (Jean Chaney), Caviar (Lori Howe), Agni (Lily Moon), Impossible triangles (Zt), Ziggle Chase Messineo), Showgirl Vicki Bassett), and Apacore (Lori Manoogian). I have used Ziggle only once but I like this pattern a lot!

torsdag 1 juni 2017

IAST 197 and a new tangle, Tint

The recent challenge from Adele Bruno, IAST 197,  introduces a new tangle from Henrike Bratz called Tint. This is one of those tangles that immediately get me going. It is easy to learn and seems to have a lot of possible variations and still be the same pattern. 

It is organic and flowing over the surface. The challenge includes also Antidots (Anit Roby-Lavery) and Bales, both patterns I use often. I made this before going to bed last night just because I couldn´t wait trying these patterns together. Still this evening  I get a smile on my face as I look at it! I belive this will not be the last tile with Tint on it!