torsdag 25 april 2019

All about Ratoon

Shortly after the CZT32 seminar, in november, The Zentangle Headquarter released the pattern Ratoon. I was still in US at that time at my friend Susan´s place and we experienced this pattern together. It is such a beautiful pattern! It is a high-focus-pattern, but after having done it a couple of times it is easy to remember.  This is one of my first Ratoons which I made in Susan´s home:

Ratoon with Dewd and a variation of Crescentmoon.

I was so happy with this one! But after this I made one that went it´s own way for sure!
Green Ratoon with Florz and auras.

In March 29 Helen Williams made a post on Ratoon that was very inspiring! And made my Ratoon go into another direction:

Sandy Kelley Jones take on Ratoon after having seen
Helen Williams blog!

I love the ribbonlike Ratoon! Then I wanted to try it on a black zendala:

Ratoon with Crescentmoon, Tipple and Sonnenband
(Simone Bischoff)

I think this one came out like something in between the first one and the ones I did after I had seen Helen Williams post. Ratoon is such a fun tangle to learn and it does live it´s own life most of the time. Which is a good sign for a true zentangle!   

torsdag 4 april 2019

Journaling: Recycling!

I am constantly keeping my eyes open for papers, letters, labels and other stuff that I can recycle in my art (collages - mixedmedia paintings). Now as I got the chance to make a prompt in a FB-group I took my chance and made it all about recycling. I haven´t been tangling a lot on other materials so this was also a challenge for myself. My first page went like this:

I used watercolor, stamps and a crossword I tangled on. Since I don´t do crosswords very often I liked to do them this way instead! The tangles on this page are: Cat-Kin (Mimi Lempart), Sistar (Hanny Nura), CaligraV (Mary d´Angelo) nd fragment H5.

The second page:

Recycled material: A label from a coffee-packaging, a part from a golden envelope, a piece of marbeled paper I have kept for years and a piece of a thicker paper that had a beautiful brown color. the label I had to find another pen to tangle with and Sakura Soufflé worked fine.  The golden envelope is tangled with Sakura Identipen and white charcoal. I am not scrapbooking but once I found some borders for sale, very cheap and I thought I might be able to use it someplace....That is in the bottom of the page. It was a little difficult to take a photo of this page, it was quite glossy! The tangles used:Wud (Joni Feddersen), Tripoli, Pokeroot, Mooka, Sez, Tipple and Printemps.

The third page:

If the second page was about coffee, I had to use a label from my favourite wine! Which wasn´t easy to tangle on! Micron´s didn´t work too well. Gellypen were ok. But then I found out that I could use Acrylic-paint-pen and then tangle on the dried surface! I also added a tangled part of a page from a book I won´t read again. Here are a lot of tangles, some I have forgotten the name of but here comes a list of those I know: Mooka, Tipple, Diva Dance,Dewd, Ruutz (Eni Oken), Pop-Cloud (Carla du Prez), Laced (Elisabeth Martin), some Crescentmoon... The page from the book was tangled quite long ago but I didn´t know what to do with it until now.

Oh yes! I had a lot of fun doing this!