fredag 10 april 2020

Tangle lesson for free!

During this period when we are minimizing our social interactions in real life we start to find new ways to communicate. At least to many of us new ways!All over the world there are CZT:s giving free zentangle-lessons on Instagram and on Face Book. We are all missing to have our groups and workshops, to interact with our students in real life. So do I. I have made one session on Instagram and now today I tried FB. On instagram the videos can be watched for 24 hours, on FB they stay on my page as long as I want. So I think I will go on with doing it on FB. Here you find my first video on FB:

If you are following my official page on FB you will always find information here when I will make another broadcast. I will continue to make it in Swedish, but I think it doesn´t matter too much if you speak another language since Zentangle is a universal language. today´s video is all about Cubine and I wanted to do this when I watched Juliette Fiessinger´s instalive-lesson with Printemps.