onsdag 30 maj 2018

I am the Diva´s weekly, the calendar 25th-30ies of May and Keenes

This will be a quite heavy post depending on the heath of the month May. We haven´t had so warm in May during my lifetime. I heard it on the radio, we haven´t had this climate since 1776!!! May is the month when the garden needs a lot of work, when seeds and plants has to be set in the soil. But I wonder where everything goes this year....

Yes I have been tangling. My studio is the best place in the house when it is to hot to stay long outdoors. I start with the Diva´s challenge: a monotangle with Carole Ohl´s Puf.

I learned Puf as one of the first tangles on my tanglejourney. Then I didn´t understand what tangleations means and how this works. I didn´t even see the similar start as Bales has. Now I know that Puf and Bales are closely related to eachother and I love them both. I find it very interesting the way patterns are connected to eachother, the way they can emerge from eachother and go into something else further on.

Here comes my calendarpages from the last six days (oh time´s running fast):

As I watched Melinda Barlow drawing my pattern in her video I felt strongly I wasn´t finished playing with it. So this is what I made on this page. Cheesecloth (Suzanne McNeill), Tofube (Damy) and Cubine also appeared.

In Square One Keenes is the focus tangle. So much fun! Couldn´t stop actually as I started. the negative spaces this pattern creates are so interesting. Tipple was the one who followed. This was the natural way to go, Tipple is a relative to Keenes in more than one way!

Then I went on with the tile for Square One. The first thing was an Oops taking the scene. I didn´t feel like starting this tile with an Oops, so I put it aside and started it all over again. I know, no misstakes, and this is not the way I use to do it. But here comes my first tile for Square One: 

I love this tangle! Though it seems simple, it has so many dimensions! I used it as a string too as you might see. Fescu is there and also Tipple of course.

This evening I started over again with the Oops-tile.  It was so fun to go on with it, not knowing what would happen.

The string is gone (it was the same string as on the first tile. There is some tranzending in this one, which I needed to make something new out of the Oops and I also blackened parts, not to cover but to emphasize the negative spaces. Oh yes I appreciate there are no misstakes in zentangle! Oopses comes my way to give me another direction. I love that!

söndag 27 maj 2018

I am the Diva´s challenge no 364

The challenge this week was a little bit different. Find an early tile that I liked and remake it. It is a little bit strange for me to do this. When I have made a tile I am satisfied with I also think this is it and then to remake it..... Hm.  But I went through the challenges from the Diva and found one I made 24th of March 2016 in the Diva´s challenge no 206. The challenge was to do something using tools I didn´t use while tangling. I was in the beginning of my tangling journey, so black pens on white tile was what I used daily. I went back to materials I only had used for other artistic purposes: Watercolor. Here is the old tile:

This one was made on heavyweight watercolorpaper. I was so happy about it since I hadn´t used watercolor for a long time (I use all kinds of other materials but not watercolor). Way back in artschool I really had a crush on watercolor. That was my mackandcheese at that time, you could say! This tile was special to me and still is since I found a way back to watercolor! No, I don´t use it much in my other art but I love to use it while tangling! Here is my remake:

This one is made on Fabriano Tiepolo, the same quality paper as original tiles.  I was satisfied with the result and it was another kind of experience than choosing a tile I wasn´t too happy with at the start and remake that one. There are differences between the tiles, not depending on the surface. I didn´t intend to copy, but doing a monotangle as I did the first time. What I see is a calmer, more balanced tile. Still I love the first one though!

tisdag 22 maj 2018

Watch this!

I went for YouTube this evening. Haven´t done this in a while, since the garden is exploding and there is a lot to do! My surprise was great as I watched what Melinda Barlow had published. Watch here!

So happy she wanted to do this! You can check the stepout here!

Prompts and Dingbatz

Prompt no. 2 in Todays Tangles celebrating 3000 members. Using the corner dots appreciating people/things in life, that are important to me. Binding the dots together with the penciled line is a way to be aware of certain contexts that keeps me up and makes life worth living! Zinger kind of grows out of Hurry and Knightsbridge gives me the Drama kick-up. Tripoli and Gourdgeous also was suggested in the Prompt but this time they stepped aside. These are just my reflections made after the process with the tile, but I love to think about it this way.

I use to do those small Dingbatz now and then, mostly when I am in lack of time and Dingbatz doesn´t take more than a couple of minutes to do. When I have done them, I just let them be but I love these small adventures. Here is my latest one though:

I like to do them on ATC ( 8,9 cm x 6,4 cm). Think I´ll show them more frequently from now on. They are fun and easy to do! And maybe they would be happy getting some more attention from me!

16th-21st of May in my Calendar

I love playing with one tangle at a time. Monotangling. Reading Margaret Bremners inpsiring post with her Cadent-variation I just had to try this. It was so fun and came out in such different ways. I love that!

The last three days I choose tangles that are basic (Zt) and tangles i know very well by heart. This because sometimes all those step-outs easily get me into a planning mode and I sure don´t want that! It is very relaxing just to start with something well-known and then go ahead to the next one passing by! A lot of patterns took the scene: Crescent Moon, Onamato, Dewd, Fescu, Maze, Knightsbridge, Mooka, Tipple, Cubine, Eke, Well and Paradox. Some of them I use frequently, some now and then. Doing it this way, no worries, no planning, is very calming and healthy for my sometimes stressed mind!

torsdag 17 maj 2018

One more for the Diva´s challenge 363!

In Square One Slinky (Jennifer Hohensteiner) was in focus for a week now. This morning-rain gave me time to try it and I found a lot of possibilities to make Auras! Snail is also joining the fun! Auras are fun to do and now I think I got back to making auras again thank´s to Laura Harms and her challenge 363! Auras are relaxing to do and there are unexpected things going on while the tile is growing in front of me! No planning. Just letting ink flow.

onsdag 16 maj 2018

13th-15th of May and also a celebration-tile.

I think I like to use my calendar now and then for challenges. Now is the busy time of the year in the garden which means not so much time for tangling or anything else but being outdoors with my fingers in the soil. But look, I have helpers:

Iris the Pumi is a great gardener! 

In lack of time, the calendar is perfect! I like to follow the Diva´s challenge very much and opening my calendar I have the possibility! So here comes my entry for Challenge 363:

The challenge is all about auras and I like doing auras. The patterns for this challenge just happened to pop up: Trio (Hanny Nura), Crescent moon (Zt), Somnee (Laura Harms), Axlexa (Henrike Bratz), Meer (Zt) and Shnek (Hanny Nura).

In Today´s Tangles we have now 3000 members! Celebrating this we made prompts relating to the Zentangle method. Today I started off with the first prompt: 

  1. Gratitude and Appreciation.  As you sit down to tangle with a clean tile, appreciate the opportunity to tangle, knowing that you are an artist, even if you never thought of yourself as one, because Zentangle came into your life. If you have the Zentangle Primer: Volume 1, appreciate the basic patterns we’re first taught. With this in mind, use the tangles CRESCENT MOON, SHATTUCK, SNAIL, W2 and/or CADENT in a monotangle or any combination of the five.

I used Cadent, which gave me the oportunity to try Margaret Bremners tangleation Cadent Squared. Also I went for Snail, a tangle I haven´t used since I learned it! Almost forgotten, but this easy tangle is so nice to draw! One of the most important thing following the Zentanglemethod is Appreciation. And Gratitude. To appreciate the moment. To be aware of this: There are no misstakes in Zentangle. When an OOps appear, this is a great opportunity to go in another direction. I love this!

måndag 14 maj 2018

7th-12th of May and Diva´s challenge 362

Soul Star (Sonya Yencer) was a fun tangle to learn and draw! Every single one lives it´s own life! I didn´t plan to make it go on for three days, but it did!

10th-11th I made the Diva´s Challenge 362, which is UMT for May. UMT means "Use My Tangle" and this month Laura has her birthday and celebrated it with her own tangle Somnee which has the focus for three days in my calendar too! Had not tried this one before but I liked it a lot and I guess it won´t be my last! I loved to combine it with some other friends: Tipple, Balloya (Anya Lothrop) and Dansk (Margaret Bremner). Thank you Laura for presenting Somnee to us!

fredag 11 maj 2018

Exhibition opening 12th of May!

This post is not about zentangle especially. Some patterns are to be seen though! tomorrow is the opening of the exhibition "Konst vid Rättviken" and this evening me and my friend Inger Meyer finished our collaborative work. We hope the weather will be fine tomorrow at the opening event at 12:00. Here comes some pictures:

One before pic:

The rest from tonight:

Close ups:

When we were finished Inger found these small mandalas beside the big one! We don´t know who made them, but we loved to find them!

The mandala will have a name: "Altering the News"

måndag 7 maj 2018

4th-6th of May

Wonderful Caracole (Lily Moon) spins all three days. This pattern is a new favourite of mine! Hard to stop once started! I think it is more of a reticula in my mind.

This morningmeditation resulted in Soulstar (Sonya Yencer) for Square One:

Flux and Fescu also joined. I like the pattern, it can be embellished in so many ways and it is easy to learn.

fredag 4 maj 2018

More LZ´s

Wanted to try LZ´s on a tan surface. I have seen people use only white charcoal/gellypen and pencil, no black and it looks interesting. Here is my first try doing this:

The surprise is the depth you can get with such simple tools!I think LZ´s works fine with layers too. One Antidot (Anita Roby Lavery), Tipple and a sort of Beadline.

torsdag 3 maj 2018

1st-3rd of May and a new pattern LZ´s!

One never knows where or when a pattern will appear in front of you that just has to be deconstructed! This happened to me a while ago, when I saw a lamp in a designstore. I didn´t take a pic of it, but I immediately made a sketch on a piece of paper I found. As soon as I had a chance I started to play with it in my sketchbook. I let it stay there, I wasn´t sure if this could be something to go on with - could it be to simple? But I liked it and 1st of May I started to do it in my calendar:

Almost immediately an Oops appeared! That was what I was waiting for! A new possible variation! I love when things goes like that! (Oh Yes, Someone dear to me left a note in my calendar without me knowing it!)This pattern could be drawn very freely or very regular. And there are a lot of possible embellishment to do. Or just shading. I had to try it on a tile:

No name yet, just a work-name! Here as a background to Onamato (Zt) and LO´s (mine). As Sandy Kelley Jones saw this she had the right name for it: LZ´s! Thank´s for the help Sandy! And here comes the Step-Out:

Very easy do draw! And in zentangle are NO misstakes, just possibilities! Hope you will enjoy this!

tisdag 1 maj 2018

I am the Diva´s challenge for Amanda Day - Earth Day

This challenge is all about recycling which I do as soon as I get the possibility to do! Watch Laura´s video here. Here is my work on a recycled wine-box:

I cut the tile simply with my siccors as Laura did.

Here is the result! The "sun" is Caracole (lily Moon Luna) filled with fragments and Tagh. The "sunbeams" are filled with Dorsal (mine).