tisdag 31 januari 2017

31st of January

Last night I watched the video Rick and Maria had published in their newsletter. Rick draw a duotangle using Paradox and Diva Dance. I just had to try his way of doing it at once so here it is in my calendar for today: 

Paradox and Diva Dance together like this! Since I first learned these tangles I have loved to draw them, but this way was new to me and I had much fun with it! It happens to be I am the Diva´s challenge no 301 too! So this will be my first entry for her challenge too.

The video was deliberating. I had to use the ideas I got one more time today in my evening meditation. So this is one more for the Diva´s challenge too: 

Since I choose to go to string 233 (Debra Sweeting) everything became different! I guess Paradox turned into a tangleation or something and the Diva Dance too! It was fun to let Bucky be the playground for this!

måndag 30 januari 2017

One more for the Diva´s 300

I was inspired by Ilse´s 3z in the Diva´s challenge so I needed to try one myself!

I wanted to keep it simple this time using Artoo (Laura Harms) and Drawings (Zt) and I liked the outcome. I just didn´t have time to think, just to draw it.

30th of January

The last days of January. This month has slipped away too fast. Need to slow down.

Today I remembered my intention of practicing Dewdrops a little bit more. Here they are placed on Papyrus (Suzanne McNeill). I often land on her patterns. They are always easy to learn and the zen-factor is high! Love them. 

I am happy that this entire page feels like a continuum. 

Now about the paper in the calendar, since at least Simone Menzel is wondering about it: The paper in the calendar is quite different from ordinary tiles. The pen glides very easy on it, almost too easy, I have to take care where I start and stop a line. When I look closer on the result, I can see this clearly. The shading is different too. It is harder to smudge the graphite, but the result is very nice if I succeed to do it properly. Most difficult is it to get it well done close to a line from the pen. Except for these two things, which I start to get used to, the paper is heavyweight enough to resist rough processing. I haven´t gone into color so I can´t tell how that is yet. Summary: I do like this calendar very much and the paper in it, though since I am used to original tiles I have to get used to the differences to make the best out of it. But so far I find it worth it! 

söndag 29 januari 2017

28-29th of January and string 232

January 28th is a monotangle with Casella (Conny Holsappel). I have never done this tangle before, it has been sorted in the pile of tangles-to-try. This was a fun tangle and I hope I can learn it by heart to be able to use it freely! It went on into 29th were Viaduct (Wayne Harlow), Popcloud (Carla duPreez) and Static waited. So far I love this page. Don´t know what´s going to happen tomorrow!

My daily meditation-tile is special to me. I was going to try the focus-tangle in Square One using string 232 (Lori Byerly). I had practiced the tangle Bucky (Zt) in my sketchbook... but what happened?? I missed the step with the dots. OOOps! There are not misstakes in zentangle. So I just went on. Now wiser about Bucky! Here is the result:

The Bucket is the tangle down in the right corner. 3D-Room (Damy Teng) is on the left side. In between there is my oops and I don´t know what it is but I like it. Maybe a tangleation? Thank´s to Bucky I learned to appreciate the oops!!! I am happy about that!

fredag 27 januari 2017

27th of January

I love the way Mooka guided me through these three days!

Here is the 27th:

 The patterns following Mooka are Shattuck, Tipple, Knightsbridge (all Zt) and Mak-rah-mee (Michele Beauchamp). I wanted to try Mooka with Mak-rah-mee for some time now and today I did it.

26th of January and I am the Diva´s challenge no 300

I want to go on with Mooka to learn more about the possibilities. Today with Shattuck, Ix and Tipple, all zentangles.

Now to the challenge of the Diva. No 300 is special. It is a celbration of course! Here you can read all about it and see all the beautiful entries!. If it wasn´t for Laura Harms blog and her challenges I wouldn´t have known anything about Moebius Syndrome. Here are my two entries for this challenge:
I found it quite tricky to include the Moebius logotype. First I wasn´t satisfied with my zendala, but it is like it is and another glanze at it makes it anyway satisfying. The other patterns are: Diva Dance, Fescu, Cubine, Paradox, Echoism and Onamato, all Zentangles. 

I also wanted to try it on a marbeled background with the logotype in a smaller size. Here the patterns are: Artoo (Laura Harms), and from Zentangles: Striping, Flux, Tipple, and Diva Dance, I am more satisfied with this tile, since I think the logotype was better executed.

onsdag 25 januari 2017

23d, 24th and 25th of January and finally string 216

This month of January seems to have an inner high-speed. I do work on slow-down-method. Now I haven´t posted in three days f.ex.

23d of January brought me this:

There are tangles that don´t appeal to me at once, they are a challenge in themselves. So is Aquafleur (Zt). I have tried it but never used it in a tile or posted it anywhere. To make such a tangle mine I have to do it many times over and over again. That´s why I let it follow me for three days. Here on the 23d it comes with Static. I think I have got a more relaxed relationship with Aquafleur during these three days! 

24th of January: Here is the entire page:

On the 24th I could integrate Aquafleur with other patterns in a more comfortable way. Dragonair (Norma Burell)could take the lead this time together with Cruffle (Sandy Hunter), Tipple and Flux.

25th of January is today: 

Monotangling Mooka!I take the chance to hang on with Mooka for a while. This is a wonderful zentangle. Maria Thomas was inspired by  an Art-Deko-artist, Alphonse Mucha creating this. You find the tutorial with the story here.

At last I publish string 216 (Rosemary Turpin). It takes a long time to go from Rättvik in Sweden to a place in the US sometimes. Now Sandy Kelley Jones has got this, so I can show it here:

The patterns are Starawn (Judy Murphy), Alexa (Henrike Bratz)- a tangleation of Appearance (Sandra Strait), Navaho (Karen Mlot),Diamond Drops (Janice Sherlock) and Yincut (Zt). I choose the patterns randomly from the Tanglepattern library. I should do that more often using the Random Tangle Selector, because it is so FUN.

söndag 22 januari 2017

21st and 22nd of January

21st of January. Zander on Flukes, both Zentangle. Flukes is one of those tangles that is easy to learn and easy to draw. I have liked it from the first sight. It easy to get a 3D dimension in this patter with a slight shading. It doesn´t matter if the hand is unsteady and the lines become wobbling. 

The evening meditation went into this:

Mak-rah-mee (Michelle Beauchamp) monotangle for Square One. Mak-rah-mee is such a delightful tangle. But it is annoying too! When I start doing Mak-rah-mee, I am in trouble, since it just goes on and on in a never ending story! I love it, don´t missunderstand me, but it is so difficult to stop! Here with string 231 (Anette Plaga-Lodde)

Today is 22nd of January. I decided to try Aquafleur (Zt). I have done it in my sketchbook several times, but didn´t find it flowing as I wanted. But I think I will work on this for a couple of days, since I am convinced this pattern has possibilities! Here with Static, Tipple, Florz, all zentangle, and a favourite of mine, Dragonair (Norma Burell).

fredag 20 januari 2017

20th of January and the Diva´s challenge Drawings

20th of January. A new president of America. So far we don´t know about the future but we have reasons to be cautious. To sit down tangling might not be anything that changes much outside my personal space. But I keep doing it as a shield against evilness. It gives me some strength.

The patterns are Tri-Bine (Laura Liu), Beadline (Margaret Bremner), Sander (Zt) and Pokeroot (Zt).

I guess we need angels. There is a pattern for that: Drawings the latest from Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. I am the Diva´s challenge is Drawings! I love that pattern.  Angels doesn´t know borders, nor frames. They do what they must do without fear. That´s my vision. So here is my tile for the challenge:

Drawings is followed by Static (Zt) and Pixioise (Margaret Bremner).  The string I used is no 230 (Beth Snoderly).I am satisfied with this today. We need Angels.

torsdag 19 januari 2017

18th and 19th of January

 There has been a lot of Dewdrops in the Zentangle-groups on Fb. I have tried to do them some times but even if the result was satisfying, they didn´t look too much as dewdrops. Yesterday I decided to give this a chance one more time following Lynn Shelton Meads stepout. I did this slowly, using a pattern I found very early in my tangling journey; Dro´t/Wire/Drath by someone who calls him/her Ferenc Nagy. I am unsure about if this name is for real. There was a very famous Ferenc Nagy in Hungary who died in 1979. This couldn´t be him. I liked the pattern anyway and I have used it a lot when I learned it. Now it came back to me and I am still very happy about it. I also liked the dewdrops this time, but I can see I still need to practice them!

Today´s date means a new page in the calendar.

This is a monotangle. I used Crescent moon all the way but in the main space I draw it with straight lines only. I like the outcome and I also like the wobbling lines in this case!

Today´s meditation went into another direction:

In my personal challenge I have come to string 229 (Lianne Woods). this string is perfect for geometry and symmetry! So here I went for Rick´s Paradox (Zt) and `NZeppel! Rick´s Paradox is so special and to do it I have to slow down. I am quite happy about the outcome!

tisdag 17 januari 2017

16th and 17th of January and some Romanancy


Patterns on the 16th: Tropicana (Kate Ahrens), Lollywimple (Sandy Hunter, Schlingl (Ela Rieger), Yincut (Zt) and Tipple (Zt)

Patterns on the 17th: Tropicana, Schlingl, Puf (Carole Ohl) Florz (Zt) and Striping (Zt)

Yesterday I had to try Maria Thomas inspiring pattern Romanancy! It was so fun, since it was a play with perspective, point of view. I started in my sketchbook as I usually do, drawing a pattern new to me. I will use this further on I belive!

In the sketchbook I used my Lamy fountainpen, so the lines are a little thicker, but the pen glides so smoothly on that surface.I think one of the patterns is Ragz (Christina Vandervlist), the other one is definitely a fragment. 

On the tile there are a lot of lines. Also the patterns Orbs de la Dee (Anneke van Dam) a Beadline (Margaret Bremner) and Tipple.

söndag 15 januari 2017

15th of January

Today I tried two tangles new to me. Helen Williams Puffy 8´s and Quabog from Zentangles headquarter. The others are Knightsbridge, Yincut and Tipple all Zt. When I look at this page I recognize the stress I have felt these days. I have to slow down and keep focus. So I made my tile for today in the basic way.

This is my string drawn randomly.

Here is my tile. I wanted to go a round with Lollywimple (Sandy Hunter), since this pattern happened to be the focustangle in Square One and I am the focustangler because of that! Then I used Nipa (Zt) and Striping (Zt). This is basics and I needed basics too feel my center, breath and appreciate. Thank´s to the method this is possible! 
Here is the tile I sent to Chris Titus to make Lollywimple a Focustangle!

I had a lot of fun when I made this!I am so happy she choose this pattern, cause it is special! On this tile the rest of the patterns are Knightsbridge (Zt), Gewgle (Sandy Steen Bartholomew) and Mooka (Zt).

lördag 14 januari 2017

13th and 14th of January

As I have done two 365-projects I didn´t realize this: I am into a new 365-project! This calendar-tangling is a 365-project ofcourse! Here are the last ones:

13th with patterns: Marasu (Zt), Printemps (Zt), Lollywimple (Sandy Hunter) and Ruutz (Eni Oken). Marasu has the taste of Licorice!

14th with patterns: Knightsbridge, Mooka, Tipple and Betweed, all official Zentangles.

torsdag 12 januari 2017

12th of January and string 228

Calendar for today:

(the whole page only). Today´s patterns: Barquillos (Maria Tovar), Bales (Zt) and Holes (Suzanne McNeill). I am satisfied with this page, I think it goes well together!.

Sometimes it is so satisfying to skip the pencil-line around the tangling! Today I worked with string 228 (Rosemary Turpin). The patterns are: Hamail (Tina Aqua Hunziker), Lenche (mine), Aftergloo (Carole Ohl), Beadline (Margaret Bremner, Printemps (Zt) and Hollibaugh (Zt). This time I followed the tip from Tina how to do Hamail; I penciled a Printemps-string under it! I think it looks much better!

onsdag 11 januari 2017

11th of January, a challenge and string 227

Today´s calendartangling:
I do like ´NZeppel very much, so I brought it from yesterday till today! I also found a tangle I had laid in the pile of tangles to try! Barquillos by Maria Tovar is easy to learn and easy to remember, which means it has a good chance to be a favourite of mine.I love the way the two tangles go together here. 

I haven´t participated in a challenge for some time now, but I decided to give it a chance again, so I visited I am the Diva´s challenge no 298 and there she happened to choose a tangle I have used before several times! Orbs de la Dee by Anneke van Dam!

I combined this challenge with my personal string-challenge and now I have come to string 227 (Mary Ellen Calhoun). One Spoolie (Hanny Nura), Paushalöv (Amy Broady) and Mssst (Zt). I am happy with this tile for some reason. All these patterns are easy and very relaxing to do.

tisdag 10 januari 2017

10th of january and a special string

About a year ago I first met the pattern Nymph (Melinda Barlow). It was the focustangle in Square One. It is a beautiful pattern that starts with the same grid as `Nzeppel (Zt)but the outcome is totally different. As I first learned it, the grid was penciled, which is not the case with `Nzeppel. But it can be done with the Micron too.

This is what I did in the calendar today and I let `Nzeppel be there too. I also used Worholes which I mentioned yesterday. I didn´t know who had created that pattern, so I searched and found out it was Sandra Strait. I wasn´t surprised! She has come up with a lot of fun and beautiful patterns!

The tile I did yesterday (read: last night):

I wanted to try Hanny Nura´s new pattern Spoolie and choose string 226 (Lori Byerly). This string was something else! I liked it as I first saw it. The other patterns are: Wud (Joni Feddersen), Woody (Ludmilla Blum) and Florz (Zt). I think I want to try this string again, as I can see it has a lot of possibilities. 

måndag 9 januari 2017

8th and 9th of January

Yesterday I had som fun in my calendar. I transformed the 8th to my first pattern ever: Kassandra.

Meer (Zt) developed out of 7th and Cubine(Zt) is my addiction. I have to do it now and then.

My daily meditation yesterday went into this:

A nice string 225 from Nancy Eaton! I went into a duotangle adventure with Paushalöv (Amy Broady) and Tipple. Paushalöv is such a fun pattern to draw and it looks funny too!

Today is the 9th day in the calendar and also end of page 3.

I looked at what Sandy Kelly Jones had done before me for the ninth and I couldn´t wait to try Lori Howe´s pattern Wirlz. I did and it was like recognizing an old friend. That pattern reminds me of one I watched on Youtube when I hardly didn´t know what zentangle meant!I just had to draw it at that time and it went on and on and on. Wirlz is not the same pattern, but it is very easy to learn too and very easy to get lost in! And I liked the way it overwhelmed Meer continuing from yesterday!

lördag 7 januari 2017

6th and 7th of January

To let it be and accept the way it is , isn´t the easy way for me. Not in zentangle nor in my paintings. That is one of those things I always have to be aware of. I think that is one reason why I need to do this calendar project. If one day looks queer or wonky or... I don´t throw the calendar away. I need to accept it. Yesterday was a busy day, so here it comes today instead:

Xav (Adele Bruno) is such a nice pattern. And forgiving. Icanthis leaped over it from the fifth and Tipple rests in the number. Here is the entire page:

I have got a feeling these days link to eachother. Now I start on next page:

Aftergloo (Carole Ohl) is a pattern I like to get back to now and then. Easy to learn and relaxing to do. Love it!

Last night after finishing my work in the studio I sat down tangling before sleep. I have come to string 223 (Anette Plaga-Lodde).The simpliness in the string was what I needed, I was tired and didn´t need to think too much. First I wasn´t satisfied with the result. But I let it be what it was.

Tody I can see other things in it and I accept it for what it is. That is satisfying enough!