The story of a pattern!

Before and after the CZT seminar I was staying with Susan Kelley Pundt in her home. Beside traveling (I´ll get back to this in my blog) we were tangling tangling tangling and enjoying sitting in the same room doing this! In our inspiring whirling activities a little pinecone appeared on our workingspace. That cone was a souvenir from Susan´s late mother-in-law many years ago. We decided to deconstruct it and see what would come up. Here is the photo of the tiny little Bristlecone:

Isn´t it pretty!It was so old and with so many tiny lines! Both our deconstructions came out of this little piece of nature and we were very happy about it! We decided to make it as one pattern in two versions and here it is! Brizl is born!

The example of how to use it we made together too. A lot of fun and a precios memory!