måndag 25 juni 2018

IAST 248 and 20th-24th of June

IAST 248 was challenging for me! A monotangle with Drupe. No it is not the monotangling. But to get it into the string! Not very long ago Imade friends with Drupe. This tangle has its own life and it can be very beautiful! But it is also one of those that doesn´t want to go with any string. So here it is as it went.  It was fun to do it! Thank´s Adele for this challenge!

As we have celebrated midsummer here in Dalarna Sweden, there hasn´t been much time for tangling. Midsummer is very special here where I live so it is just to go with the flow!

But here comes my calendarpages:

19th-21st I played with Lynn Shelton Mead´s Zentwining. It was fun and relaxing! An other way of  using the string and ribbons!

22nd-24th I started with the Drupe to get in the mood to make the IAST challenge! Beadlines followed, Arukas, Jonqual and then Nik (Bunny Wright) and Purdy, Margaret Bremner´s new tangle. I was happy with this page, it just draw itself!

måndag 18 juni 2018

More about the String and a calendarspread 13th-18th of June

Kuke (Katie Abbott) is the focuspattern in Square One (FB). I have done it once before and I did love the way it looked. The black and the graphite is such a nice combination! I haven´t used it since and for one reason only: I didn´t know how to make this pattern mine. It was drawn in circles an it was beautiful as it was.

Then I saw what Margaret Bremner did, letting the string guide her.  The string is the clue! The string is a kind of limit and limits are important to reach another creative level! At least that is my experience and Maria and Rick often speaks about the "Elegance of Limits" in this way. So I made my string and then it was all about Kuke with a couple of Beadlines (Margaret Bremner).

Now Project Pack #03 is to be found on YouTube. The project is about ribbons and this is very much about the string made in a special way. As I haven´t had too much time for tangling recently this was what I applied in my calendar:

Actually I started already on the 12th, but then it was so easy to make the ribbon continue on the whole spread starting with the 13th! I haven´t used the string much in my calendar. But I think I will do it more from now on since it is fun and it is a tremendous way to avoid planning, just let everything grow! 

On this spread I also wanted to do something different using graphite not only to create shadows. It is fun but this technique needs some practising I think. the patterns I know the name of are: Paisley Boa (Amy Broady), Sez (Zt), Peace Petals (Sandy Kelley Jones), Hearts 4 G (mine) Kuke (graphite version), Dex (Zt), Meer (Zt), Dorsal (mine), Loev (Ela Rieger) D´Rua (Damy), Orbs, Eke (Zt) and a last Kuke in the corner.

Well yes I have started working on the project pack 03 too, but that will be another blogpost! 

lördag 16 juni 2018

IAST 247

Tangling using a string is something I appreciate a lot. It affects me in a certain way, yes it is  a liberating feeling doing this. To be honest, most of the time I do use a string. Here comes my entry for IAST 247 :

For this special string we should use D´Rua (Damy), A´Dalfa (Bunny Wright and Dex (Zt).Dex and A´Dalfa are old favourites of mine, D´Rua is new to me. It has become a new friend I think. Easy to learn, easy to draw, just let it go the way it goes. I love that! Thank´s to Adele for this happy moment of tangling!

söndag 10 juni 2018

7th-9th of May , Loev and IAST 246

As I saw Lori Byerly´s calendarpage I realized that Veezley by Sandy Hunter was a patter I had missed. And it is a beautiful one! I had to try it! A second pattern was Loev, which is the focus tangle in Square One. Loev is fun to draw! I went on with it in my sketchbook and on a couple of tiles. 

My first one, Loev is kind of swallowing the air around! Or something like that. I had a big smile on my face doing this. The next one:

Now I tried it without embellishment and with. Together with Veezley and a little Mooka. It is quite funny I think! 

I haven´t been into IAST for some time now. This last one, 246, Adele Bruno wanted us to try Helen Williams tangle String Grid. this is a lovely one and it speaks to my lovely part I think (yes I have got one)! A lot is possible to do with this pattern, but I kept it simple, just to understand the way it is done.

Ofcourse there are a lot of possible things to do with the negative spaces here, but I like the airyness in the pattern itself. Still I wanted to add something except the blue color and as a coincidence, Margaret Bremner recently posted a new pattern, Purdy which has this airyness in common with String Grid!  I think they work fine together and some Beadlines (Margaret Bremner) also made this pattern get a little extra without reducing the lightness. I liked to do this and I guess I am not through with String Grid! Thank´s to Adele Bruno I did pay attention to it!

torsdag 7 juni 2018

4th-6th of June

Time is running fast these days! Last three days has been filled with activity! The 5th was the World Environment Day and that was a great day from early morning till late at night, since I took part in an event about our forrests here where I live. We had bright sky and sunshine but not too hot. With us on our guided tour through Ore Skogsrike was Jens Holm who is in the parliament for Vänsterpartiet.

Yesterday was our National Day with a lot of celebration. We went to Levin´s Garden Center nearby that also celebrated their 100th birthday! But here comes my calendar:

Msst (Zt) is a tangle I don´t use very often. I find it a little bit difficult to get it together with other patterns. The transistions are not so easy to make. It is a lovely pattern though. Now I tried to find my ways for it. On the 5th it was so obvious I let Nipa join, then on the 6th I tried it with a completely different pattern, Asian Fans (Suzanne McNeill). Somehow it worked quite well, maybe not too much of Msst though!  

söndag 3 juni 2018

Last of May, 1st-3d of June in my calendar and something about shading

May ended with heat! We had about +30C. I can´t remember a climate like this and on the radio they talk about the high temperature and they say we haven´t had such heat since 1776! Don´t know if it is right or wrong but the truth is we have an extreme situation. Maybe thats why I needed some moist and wet look in my calendar! Patterns Abundies (Hanny Nura), Papermint, (Sandy Hunter) Printemps, (Zt) and Paradox (Zt).

Sandy Hunter has got a new pattern on,called Snircles. This is such a pretty pattern and it is easy to learn. I loved thisone! It reminds me a little of her Cruffles. Then Keenees wanted to play a little bit more and finally I tried XYP (Zt) a pattern that isn´t new, but new to me. A nice one to play with! I needed som Msst too because of the hot climate here!

Slowly I am working my way through the prompts in Today´s tangles and now I have come to no.5. It is about shading. I know not everyone is a friend of shading, but I am. I love to see what happens when a tile is shaded. Patterns that maybe doesn´t seem like anything comes alive and levels appear. So here is my before and after pic:

The patterns are (as suggested in the prompt): Drupe, XYP,Tagh and Dewd. Well a little bit of Peace Petals (Sandy Kelley Jones) showed up in XYP as well!  I used a suggested string (my own) from prompt no 4.

In my opinion a little shading makes it all. I love the way this worked out!