onsdag 31 januari 2018

28th-31st of January

Last days of January I have been exploring tangleations of Paradox. 
Carole Ohls tangleation Bumpadox seemed so cool and fun I had to try it. Then I went to Margaret Bremner´s blog, "The enthusiastic artist" and found her interpretations on Paradox which led me to the "Feathered Paradox". So I played around too...

For the last day of January I started with a little Caviar (Lori Howe) in the Center, then they all came as follows: Florz, Wud (Joni Feddersen), Crescent moon and Fescu. It looks like a button this one I think. 

söndag 28 januari 2018

I am the Diva´s challenge no. 348

This time of year, in the end of February the Diva´s challenge is about celebrating Moebius Syndrome Awareness Day. Read more about it in her blog! This is my third participation and my fourth tile on the theme:

It has become special to tangle with the Moebius-band once a year. I didn´t know anything about Moebius Syndrome, before starting following the Diva´s challenge. It is such an unusual Syndrome. But the string is challenging. For this year I tangled around the string. The patterns I used are: Dublin (Chris Titus), Diva Dance, Zinger, Pokeleaf Maze and `NZeppel.

Thank´s to Laura Harms giving som much more than just a challenge!

Here are my previous entrances:



lördag 27 januari 2018

Dublin- new pattern and calendar 25th-27th of January

Chris Titus, the creator of the Square One-groups on Fb has released a new pattern with the help of Lynn Shelton Mead who made the tiles with examples. It is a great pattern, beautiful and fun to draw. Here is my first try:

Dublin is just flowing out of the pen! I love that. Rixties, Eke, Knightsbridge, fragment Y4 and some black orbs wanted to play too. With the permission from Chris Titus: here are the step-outs!

There is a pattern I have wanted to try for quite a long time. I did try it quite long ago, but though I liked the way it came out, I didn´t get it. It´was a pattern I had to think a lot doing it, although it didn´t seem difficult and the strokes were basic... Whirlee, designed by Lynn Shelton Mead. Recently I found her step-outs in her blog, I must have missed that, the step-out I used before didn´t open my eyes like this! The last three days I gave Whirlee a round in my calendar and I can tell it was an experience! I loved it!

It might look like a disorder, since I worked with it like I use to in my sketchbook! But I can see  for myself the progress through the days and I am happy with that!

onsdag 24 januari 2018

22nd-24th of January

This page was very satisfying to do. I love Geometrical patterns and here I just went for them. Maybe not Flormeoba (Cherokee 410), but she just wanted to be there!The others: Flukes, Cubine, ´NZeppel (all Zt), Riki-Tiki (Renee King), Zig-Zag-Track (Tomàs Padrós) and Veez (Margaret Bremner). Veez is becoming a favourite of mine! Oh yes, there is a Bead-line (Margaret Bremner)too!

Duo-colored surface and rescue tile part 2

One more round to gowith the duo-colored surface, since there was one more tile left out of the first one! Here it is:

I realize I should have taken a before-pic before I cut the tile in parts with the tan tile. I didn´t. If the first one was fun to do, this one was even more! I used Fragment Y4 (from Zentangle Primer; very useful fragment), Eye-Wa (Zt), Florz(Zt) and Knightsbridge (Zt). It is so satisfying to rescue tiles and give them a new life! I also put the two tiles together to see if something happened here:

And yes they can match eachother. Not a perfect match maybe, but good enough! This is a wonderful technique, learned from the Project Pac 2, which was a part of #12DaysofZentangle! I´ll find out a way to use this working with my other collages.

tisdag 23 januari 2018

Fragment Y4 and more

I try to make a daily tile every day, but sometimes it just ends with doing my calendar. But when I do it I appreciate to be able to have this special moment. When I do it on a Zentangle original tile it is like having a little party. A friend of mine send me a pack of original white tiles for christmas, which means I can do this more often. The difference between the originals and my own handcut tiles from the same quality paper, Fabriano Tiepolo, are mainly the uneven edges. Such a detail means a lot when I tangle and I cannot fix this detail on my own (I doubt I could get the same result with the help of my washing machine! :) ). As Rick sometimes says, commenting  videos from, there are just small details that makes the whole difference.

I love working with geometrical patterns and today I couldn´t stop myself. Started with dots in the corners and penciled line conecting them, Fragment Y4 from the Zentangle Primer, Veez (Margaret Bremner), Riki-Tiki (Renee King) and finally Sez (Zt). Well Veez lived a life of it´s own and I am not sure it looks like Veez any more, which isn´t important. I had an intention to leave some empty space, but it didn´t work that way today. That is of no importance either, since the process was what it was all about.   

måndag 22 januari 2018

Duo-colored surface and rescued tile.

 Ever since I did the 12 Days of Zentangle, Day 9 I have been thinking of trying the technique on a 8,9x8,9 tile. I saw Sandy Kelley Jones do it, using a tile she hade left just started and I thought I could use it to rescue a tile that went "wrong" from the start. Although I know there are no misstakes in Zentangle I have a small pile of tiles I abandoned since they didn´t go my way from the start. These tiles are a resource belive me! I never know where they will go as I start them over again! My first try on Eye-Wa, a Zentangle original pattern, didn´t go the way I wanted so I laid it in that abandoned pile. As I grabbed it this time, I also picked a tan tile and my scissors. 

And now here it comes transformed to something completely different:

But I wasn´t to happy about it, the tan part needed something more to get more contrast, so I went on like this:

I redrew  the Pookeroot in black, and that small difference made it I think! Except Eye-Wa and Pookeroot there is a bit of Florz too. Now I am finished and happy with my Rescued Tile!

lördag 20 januari 2018

3rd tile for Diva´s challenge 347!

Had to go for one more. Stringtheory. I guess after this I will be able to do strings on freehand again and maybe doing them in an other direction?? I had a lot of fun doing all three of them! Here is my string:

My scissors again, my corner-punch and a lid from a pigment-jar. And here is my tangling:

Riki-Tiki (Renee King), Diva Dance, Pokeroot and fragment Y4 from the Zentangle Primer.

torsdag 18 januari 2018

16th-18th of January and Diva challenge continued!

I like the idea of using the calendar as a resource. I continued using Lori Byerly´s patterns for the last three days: 3 To Go, Bublz, Abakus, Flip Flop, Paki and Off Key. I find these pattern so interesting, because they are all individuals, all very special, easy to learn and very relaxing to do. I love them.

I couldn´t keep my hands off going further with the Diva´s challenge. So here is my process for the next one:

My pencil-sharpener, the lid of my Bijou-box, and my scissors. Here is the finished tile on tan surface:

Patterns: Chain Gain (Aleesha Sattva), Organic (Sayantika Ray), Irradial (Tomàs Padrós), Shiraz (Linda Farmer), Tipple and Striping. Hm. Couldn´t help smiling as I saw the face!

tisdag 16 januari 2018

The Diva´s challenge no. 347

This time Laura Harms asked us to just grab something and use it for a string (tracing it). So I found a roll of scotch in a holder fitting on my tile. Here it is:

I had some fun using Lori Byerly´s patterns: Gr8, Paki and Mashed. Then I had to try some tranzending on it too. I loved to do this challenge, since I feel a little stuck doing my strings in the same style all the time! Thank´s Laura, this was perfect match with me right now!

13th - 15th of January

Now I am trying out patterns from Lori Byerly I haven´t tried yet. The first one is gr8. I loved this one at first sight. I am sure I will use this pattern furtheron. Next one is Ruflz. Easy and fun to draw. The third one is 3 to go. I also liked thisone. It makes me smile doing it!

söndag 14 januari 2018


Ashton, 6 year old, created a wonderful tangle called Cativia. It is now the focustangle in Square One! Here comes the step-out as published in Square One:

Sure I had to try this! Easy to learn with many possibilities!

I used the dots in the corners, the Z-string and then tangled. Basics. I love the basics. And I still love the string-thing. Cativia was followed by Citrus (Adele Bruno), Eddyper(?), or something similar and a fragment. I had a nice time doing this!

fredag 12 januari 2018

Featured Artist, non-dominant hand and a calendarpage

Today´s Tangles on FB starts off with a featured artist, Lori Byerly. I have been following her from my own start as a tangler and her patterns has inspired med a lot and opened my eyes to see possibilities without limits in tangling. I love that. 

My first tile with her patterns: Her latest, Ledrow on top and as a frame and then underneath; Mashed, which was one of the first patterns of her, that I learned and have used a lot.

Then I saw Lynn Shelton Mead´s tile with Irradial, drawn with her non-dominant hand and I just had to try that:

Drawing with my non-dominant hand is not a new thing for me, I have done that a lot in the past when I was doing sketching of stilleben or living model at the artschool.. To do it with Irradial was fun and I love the way the lines goes their own ways!

Then to my calendar:

I stayed with the Daily Challenge for three more days. A lot of patterns new to me! 

10th of January: Zurli (Elena Hadzijaneva), Aniane (Karin Godyns) and Ah Love You (Jane Eileen), which I have seen before but not tried.
11th of January: Soleil (Anne Marks), Farin (Marion Kreutzweg) and Plower (Helen Williams), which I have tried before once.
12th of January: Chain Gain (Aleesha Sattva), Scallops (Suzanne McNeill) and Ziggurat (Sandra Strait). Scallops I have seen before but not tried.

This will be the end of my Daily Challenge in my Calendar for now. But not forever! :) I learned some good things doing this and I hope I can keep them in mind: 

1. No Prejudice!
2. Focus on the process, not the result!
3. Embrace and appreciate every single pattern, no matter what you think of it at first sight! 

tisdag 9 januari 2018

The Diva´s challenge 346 and one more take on Christmas

The first challenge for 2018 from the Diva is a Duotangle with two wonderful patterns: Phicops (BRad) and Huggins (Zt). Who can resist this? I made my tile on a tan surface, not original rennaisance but almost the same color.

Maybe there is too much space to the right of the tile, but I kind of like the way it turned out.

I had to do  more on Bijou duo-colored (Twelve-days-of-zentangle, day nine) to get something to play with: 

The one to the left: Shnek (Hanny Nura) and the one to the right: Ginili (Randi Wynne-Parry).

And together:

The fun is to move them around and get new shapes and pics! I loved this technique! 

7th-9th of January

Doing one challenge a day following the prompts at ElaToRium is like stepping out of my comfort zone. Most of the patterns I haven´t done before. Some of the patterns are, in my way to see them, tangleations of patterns I know. The point is not to learn as many patterns as possible, but try to follow somebody elses intention and see what I can get out of it or where it leads me. Where is the zen in this? I am only speaking for myself, I am aware of that, but following this, the result is NOT in focus. I try to embrace the patterns whatever goes through my head as I see them. It is like jumping from a cliff not knowing how the landing will be and that might be scarying! For sure there are surprises to expect!

7th: Breeze (Ksenija Vojisavljevic)- I see this as a tangleation of Rixties/Pokeleaf. Winzetta (Loretta West) and Gyro (Mei Hua Teng).

8th: Triaxal (Lizzie Mayne)- A tangleation of Beeline?. Twydl (Emily Perkins)- This pattern was the oposite; My own Mec-Mec must be a tangleation of Twydl, since Emily published this 2013 and I wasn´t even a tangler then :)! Wrap (Dörte Seupel-Kör).

9th: Rauschi (Sandra Strait), ACGT (Mafé Mavronati)- A tangleation of Echoism and something else. Tamisolo (Hanny Nura). Tamisolo is the only pattern I have done before.

I think I´ve learned some things the last six days. One thing is not to be Prejudiced. Because it is not the same thing what I see when I look att a pattern and what is happening drawing it.

söndag 7 januari 2018

4th-6th of January 2018

There are many things to explore about tangling. And so many patterns around!! I can´t take them all in I know that. Because of this knowledge I might close my door to new opportunities, I am aware of this. So the last three days I have challenged myself to take part of one challenge a day from ElaToRium. I do it in my calendar, not knowing what to come and not knowing how long I will do this. Maybe it ends with one page? Still can´t tell. Here is my first page anyhow:

It is a little scary. Of nine patterns the last three days, there are only two I have tried before; Breach (YuRuChen) and X-mas Red (Lin Chiu). The others; Alps (Linda Rea), Zanella (Sandra Strait), Loave it(Jane Monk), Hay Ho (Ksenija Vojisavlejevic), Swirl and Twist (Linda Rea), Sleutel (Dörte Seupel-Kör) and Netzwerk (Simone Bischoff) were all new to me. When I came to the daily challenge on the 6th, I was in trouble! The trouble was caused by Netzwerk. How on earth could I make something out of this? Lines everywhere and where to go? And how to make it work with the others? Well it ended up like it did. First I used it as a background to X-mas Red but I felt I didn´t make it justice so I went for it again between the numbers 5 and 6. This little part gave me more satisfaction, but I belive that Netzwerk will be resting for some time before I try it again.  I can see there are possible ways to go with it though I think I am not there yet.

I know that zentangle is not about knowing  all the patterns around. Not at all. But what I try to experience is what happens as I expose myself to new unknown patterns and try to see what I could do with them. Most of the time I choose my patterns myself, but doing like this someone else has choosen and most often not choosen the patterns I know of. Lets see what will happen doing this... 

fredag 5 januari 2018

2018; First page in the calendar and Twelve Days of Zentangle!

New Year and a new Calendar. The new one is also designed by Carole Ohl and she has invited a guest artist: Margaret Bremner. I like this calendar even more than the one from last year Mainly because the paper is another quality. It is White and not glossy and in my opinion it is easier to shade and the pen doesn´t slip away because of the surface!

I didn´t really know what to start with at first but then I decided to give Rumpus a round, since I didn´t try it too much before Christmas and I didn´t find it very easy to make it personal. I am glad I gave it a chance, since I found it both fun and relaxing to do! On the 1st of January I tried to follow Maria´s way of doing it on the video adding Toodles and auras too. I also let Dewd surround the whole page.

I haven´t done all of Twelve Days of Zentangle yet. But I intend to do some more.  On the ninth day we should use one black and one tan Bijou. I didn´t have tan ones and only a few black left. And I didn´t want to use one tan 8,9cm tan tile, since I´ve just a couple of these left too and I want to keep them for some other special occasions. But I had another tan heavy-weight paper and fourtunally I had a black one in the same quality so I just cut them into Bijou-size. I think it worked well!

The patterns I used are My Swing (Simone Menzel), Arukas and Nipa. I liked this technique very much and I think I´ll try it again!

måndag 1 januari 2018

28th-31th of December and a Happy New Year 2018

My last post with the calender for 2017. The end of an adventure with tangles. 

28th: Phen (Beth Snodderly). I find this pattern interesting. Easy to learn and very simple. Which opens up a lot of possibilities, how to use it, make tangleations and how to embellish it. 

29th: Phen with Organic (Sayantika Ray) and Fescu.

30th: Organic, Pen and Opus. Opus is a tangle I don´t use much and it is a tangle I need to work on to make it mine. Tipple down in the right corner too.

Last day of the year. I looked through my calendar and there are a lot of interesting and fun patterns during the year. I picked som of those that were new to me. Balloya came across my way as I saw a video from Melinda Barlow. In March I played with Edgar (Judy Genovese). I met Meshmerize (Tomas Padros) in the autumn and Toodles was in the #Twelvedaysofzentangle from 

Ofcourse there were a lot of other new patterns but as I started with Balloya, that pattern decided which would follow!

I found another very nice pattern as I saw a tile done by Ela Rieger. It is called Flormoeba and is designed by someone with a pseudonym; cherokee 410. I needed to try it on a black tile so here it is:

Isn´t it a lovely pattern! You´ll find it here.

Today it is the first day of the New Year 2018. I had to celebrate it doing my first tile for this year:

Yes, Flormoeba again, Organic (Sayantika Ray) Orbs de La Dee (Anneke van Dam), a blown up part of Featherfall (Carole Ohl), Diva Dance, Striping, Tipple and Fescu.

Well I guess I will go on posting from my new calendar in the future. I got one as a gift from a friend of mine. The tangling in the calendar is very addictive. And I love that addiction!!!