tisdag 31 oktober 2017

Striping with a Twist

As Margaret Bremner made her "Striping with a twist" she brought the tanglepattern "Striping" (official pattern from the Zentangle headquarter) to a new level. Many of us wanted to try this and so did I. Now this is the focustangle in Square One. Striping with a Twist. As a tangler you want to add something personal when tangling. Striping is one of those patterns I find difficult to add a personal Twist. It doesn´t bother me though, I use the Striping now and then and love it. But to take over another tanglers personal twist is even harder I think, without just being a copycat! This time I made it on a Rennaisance-tile:

The other patterns used are Sez (Zt) and Pixiose (Margaret Bremner). I also tried to practice some Tranzending on this. Somehow it just happened. I didn´t care about the outcome, I just enjoyed the process (which I am not sure I did when I tried Striping with a twist last time)and to be in the "zone". All of a sudden I had a great time, and fun too! 

måndag 30 oktober 2017

28th-30th of October

Last three days I think I went into a monotangling mood. There are so many beautiful patterns around, and new appears all the time. I just picked three of them I wanted to play with. Q-Belle (Mina Hsiao) was one of the inktober tangles. I haven´t tried it before but this pretty little one appealed to me at once. So fun to draw and it looks fun too! Showgirl (Vicki Bassett) is a pattern I have done before but I needed her flashing appearance yesterday! Rubenesque (Hannah Geddes) is a pattern I have kept for a long time now in my pile of tangles to try! A lovely pattern that looks intricate but is very easy to draw! Loved to do this!

söndag 29 oktober 2017

25th-27th of October

Started with Mssst and an old tangle of mine I almost forgot about, Mec Mec. Then tried Tomás Padrós pattern Membranart and 2A by Mina Hsiao. Membranart looks fun and was fun to do. 2A is a pattern I liked very much to do. It works like a grid and has a lot of possibilities! 

torsdag 26 oktober 2017

My Opus 1.

I started my first Opus ever August 20th inspired by the Mosaic-challenge Joey initiated. Today I have finished it. I haven´t worked on it every day, but I have seen it every day except when I was away to Östhammar last week. Don´t know if it was a good idea, but I left the shading and the coloring to the end and that took me a lot of time. I wasn´t sure where this would go at all. But here is my finished result.

I have listed the patterns and the date I first used them on the back of the tile. As I count them there are 17 patterns!!! Is this really me??? I blackened a part I found disturbing in the end. That was satisfying, but I am happy I left the decision till the last day I laid my hand on this!
I took a pic before or almost before shading. Unfortunately it is unsharp. I was so eager to go on with the shading I didn´t take more than one shot.

And here is the start:

As you can see I started with African Artist (Tina Aqua Hunziker), which was the start of Joey´s Mosaic-challenge. I have turned my Opus-tile several times during the process but as I started the shading it just wanted to be the way I took the final pic of it!

It was an experience to do this. I thought I never would. I might do it again, but not too soon. As I have finished it today I don´t even know what I think about the result. But I know I have enjoyed the process very much and that is what counts to me here and now. 

onsdag 25 oktober 2017

Calendar 22nd-24th of October and some other things going on.

First about my calendar. As I have been visiting lovely Östhammar and "Ordfestivalen", my time for the calendar wasn´t to much. Returning to it trying to catch up I felt a little bit bored for the first time. Why? Thinking about this I realized that it has to do with routine. To keep up the calendar I think I need the routine; each morning spend some time doing my "day". As I couldn´t do this for a couple of days I lost the motivation a little. But I am back. Yesterday I made the three last days and decided to make it very simple, just doing Dingbatz:

As I had done my three Dingbatz (doesn´t take long to do) I felt like Meer needed to go on a little bit more. I felt like this was ok and yes I could find a satisfaction to make this again. So todays calendarpage I was back into my morning-preparation for the day! 

This blog is not supposed to be about journaling. But I have always liked the thing with journaling. Now I have taken my first steps on the journaling-road and it is great fun. So I want to share my first experiences with you! 

The upper pic, I glued my inspiration (Papertissue!) on the left page. On the below pic you can see my #inktober - #pinktober stuff. The colored paper glued here is made by a friend of mine who makes a lot of Eco-prints!

To the last goodie for today! I finished a travelling tangle from my friend Sue Zanker yesterday. The surface of this tile is made with the shaving-foame technique and now I learned how it should be! The surface was so smooth and gentle to work on! I think I want to try this technique further on because of her lovely result. But I have to get me some odourless shaving foam instead of the one I got from the grocery last try. That one smelled terribly and I couldn´t stand it!  Here is our collaboration:

This is Sue´s lovely start!

And here is my final result. I really enjoyed this! Sue had started with a tangle called Wibble and I went on with C-rependity (Veena Arun), Ginili (Randi Wynne-Perry) and some Fescues. As I tangled on I wanted to get the Wibble more in focus so I added Gold and some watercolor. I loved to do this! Thank´s Sue for the experience! 

måndag 23 oktober 2017

16th-21st of October

Reading and Poetry has been my thing the last week. Not much tangling, but my calendar has been with me and now I have scanned the last two pages. I realized I hadn´t noted all patterns before scanning, but I have done it now although you won´t see my notes!

16th-18th of October: Started with my favourite Crescent Moon that went into Lollywimple (Sandy Hunter), then I tried some fun with Crescent Moon from Lynn Mead´s Tangledeck and from that Knase stepped in, followed by more Crescent Moon - Lollywimple and ending with Ruutz (Eni Oken).

19th - 21st were my most busy days so I let Meer take the lead followed by Papz (mine), CO2 (Antonine Megger) and Zari (Veena Arun)

måndag 16 oktober 2017

13th-15th of October and a Daily Tangle

Last three days in my calender. Three days with fall presenting it´s most colorful approach! But I follow the black and white theme, since my colors can´t compete with nature!  Started with Twizted (Terri Brown), Pokeleaf and Zinger, then Striping with Arukas and at last Clob (Jem Miller)

Todays meditation. Started off with dots in the corners, a string from my pencil and Palrevo (Kerry Heun) which was followed by Olipse (Jody Genovese).

I haven´t used Palrevo before but I have seen it. I thought it just was a tangleation of Flukes. But it was so fun to draw and it put me in the "zone" quickly. I think I fell in love with this and I will play with it further on! Olipse is a new one too. Need some more practice but i like it a lot!

lördag 14 oktober 2017

IAST 215

I don´t work n ATC-size (8,9x6,4 cm) very often. But I got a few black ATC:s from a friend. I wanted to try this weeks IAST-challenge #215 on this one:

Two patterns suggested for the string: Clob (Jem Miller) and Delys (Jenna Black). Love them both and will sure use them further on!

fredag 13 oktober 2017

Striping with the Diva

I have done some striping now and then. In challenges. Just for fun.  This week, the Diva challenged us to do striping! My way of striping is a little Bunzolike too sometimes. But I still think of it as striping. I find it quite relaxing. If I have fresh pens that gives me the flowing ink. If not I get frustrated. Because there is a lot of coloring in this pattern. Here is my entry:

Today I wanted to try something a little bit different from what I use to do with this pattern. I have seen some great tangling with brown and black. Sue Zanker is one of those tangler I think of practicing this. I had some fun with this tangling Striping in a round. It is so easy to do this and the result is a little bit striking! Love that!

torsdag 12 oktober 2017

10th-11th of october

I choose Auraknot for my last three days in my calendar. I like auraknot. But haven´t used it much. Maybe because it looks very christmas-like.  It is much zen drawing it, so here it is in middle of october!

Done! Joey´s challenge 9/9!

9 weeks gone! And now is my mosaic done! This has been a great adventure!  Here is my finished mosaic:

All patterns suggested:
week 1: African Artist (Tina Akua Hunziker)
week 2: Merryweather (Sandy Hunter)
week 3: Cruffle (Sandy Hunter)
week 4: Breach (Yu Ru Chen)
week 5: Muscari (Elaine Benfatto)
week 6: Ginilli (Randi Wynne-Parry)
week 7: ´Nzeppel
week 8: Printemps
week 9: Poke Leaf 

The last piece down in the right corner:

The last pattern Joey added was Pokeleaf. Here with Diva Dance, ´Nzeppel and Printemps. I thought of adding more color but then decided not to. This is where it all landed and I am happy with it.

måndag 9 oktober 2017

IAST 214 - Mondrian String

I am late with my entry for IAST 214, I know that. But this one is so special I want to do it just to keep it in mind! Adele has made up a string from one of Mondrians very classical kompositions! And we should use Hollibaugh, Beeline and Paradox for this challenge. So here is my entry done in a hurry!

It is not a tile done in perfection, but I do love this idea of a String! In fact I can´t help thinking Dingbatz!!! I loved to do this and I will keep the idea and try it again!

söndag 8 oktober 2017

Sunday - Zendaladay

Yesterday I tried to learn the tangleation of Well called Well Well Well! I watched the video Maria and Rick posted on Zentangle Mosaic several times and it looked so fun and relaxing. I did it in my calendar earlier... Here is my first tile:

I had some fun with it but I really felt like I wanted to do it on a Zendala! So today was my partytime with it and I did enjoy it a lot! There are many possible ways to play with this pattern Well! This is just the beginning!

Evoke joined and some Beadlines. And something else. I love to work on the Zendala. Most of all right now on a Rennaisance-Zendala!

fredag 6 oktober 2017

4th-6th of October and my daily tile

My daily meditation. Baton (Carole Ohl) and a new tangle, C-rendipity (Veena Arun).I don´t know why I haven´t used Baton more! It is a great pattern! I wanted to try C-rendipity too. I think I have to do some more of this to make it mine, but it is so nice to draw. It looks complicated but it in´t. One elemental stroke actually! Lot of zen in this!

And here is my calendar page:

Yes here is some practising going on! First Baton , then C-rendipity and on the 6th Olipze (Jody Genovese), another new and fun pattern!

onsdag 4 oktober 2017

1st, 2nd and 3rd of october and Diva´s challenge 335

The suggestion for October was fragment D16 from the Zentangle Primer. A fun start which immediately made me think of Well, Well,Well, the latest published Kitchen Table Tangles in the Zentangle Mosaic-app. So that was an obvious continuation on the 2nd and the 3rd of October. It is such a nice tangleation of the original Zentangle Well! A lot of fun is to be created with this I belive!

This morning I went on with the Diva´s challenge no 335. Tint (Henrike Bratz) is the UMT for this month. I have tried it once and I loved to get back to it! It is a pretty tangle and a tangle that could be used in many ways, a Ribbon, a Frame or whatever!  I love it! Here is my entry:

I was thinking of using other tangles with it but as I went on, I realized that Tint wanted something else! A monotangle was the result!

måndag 2 oktober 2017

28th-30th of September and Joey´s 7-8/9 challenge

I have been away to Malmö for the weekend and haven´t had much time for tangling. But On the train I made my calendarpage!

I felt like going for Rain (zt), but the lines are wobbling, the train is not a steady place1 I had some fun with it though!

As for Joey´s challenge, I didn´t do them until today, since I wanted to have some peace and quiet doing this. I took my time and made both tiles today:

No. 7/9: The pattern to be added was ´NZeppel! One favourite of mine again! 

No. 8/9: And this time Printemps!

Here is the whole thing so far:

Yes, I added some more pink in African Artist (Tina Aqua Hunziker) and one more Muscari (Elaine Benfatto).