fredag 12 november 2021

Happy Inktobertangles 2021 Part 3

 So many tangles passing by this month of October! And October was running fast this year! For me at least! But I want to display all tangles here in my blog since the variety of tangles is interesting! Some of these tangles are tangles that I wouldn´t have paid notice to if it wasn´t for the Inktober project and doing them gave such a pleasure!

11. Fengle from is one of those tangles I don´t go to very often, and when I do it I just wonder why! It is such a great tangle!

12. This little one, Yumeni by Shie Naritomi make me think of Cherryblossom.

13. I have met Spynes (Heidi Kay) before and this was a happy reunion! I forgot that fountainpen bleeds if you are not careful! But in this case I liked the Ooops and didn´t do anything to hide it!

14. C-Knots (Valli Ganti)needed more attention! So Lunar Flux and Naaki did the job!

15. Ing from Zentangle, designed by Molly Hollibaugh. A true companion with so many possibilities!

16. Moonesque (Leslee Feiwus). I see this pattern as a fragment that can be used in many directions and ways. Making the frame around it gives me a feeling of Dingbatz. Love that.

17. Ecstatic (Jem Miller) is a fun tangleation of Static. 

18. Moonpie from Zentangle. com. I always like to connect it with Hollis as Maria Thomas did the first time I saw her draw it!

19. OOPSMI (Hanny Nura), doesn´t look easy but it is.  

20. Oysteroid (Judy Genovese). A tangle that can fill any shape and also appear in many shapes. Easy to learn and easy to draw and very effective!
21. OOFS (Zentangle). I had fun playing with this on a Bijou and then on a piece of paper ripped out of a book. Love to do such small collages and I think OOFS did so too! OOFS stands for: Out Of Focus!

22. Paradisum (Oswaldo Burbano). Whow this is a pattern that looks like a flower but acts like a Diva! It just wants to grow bigger and bigger as you draw!

23. Ple-a (Apple Lim) is another little flower in the Tanglebouqet of October.

24. Zigoli (Deb Bowyer). This tangle made me think of another tangle by Lynn Shelton Mead: Fassett. Zigoli is pretty and will be useful!

25. Round Square (Karin Guzetta). Oh this one was such a pleasure to meet! Simple and yet with so many possible ways to go!(Yes a little piece of collagepaper here).

26. Dex (Zentangle). A great geometrical tangle! I love it but very often it seems to stand back for another favourite of mine: Cubine. They are strongly related I think.

27. Trelina (Eni Oken). Another reunion! As I draw Trelina I realized that she takes over the stage which means she is a true Diva!

28. Effie (Anett Rümpler). A flower blowing in the wind of other tangles. A pretty one.

29. Tree Leaf (Debbi E. New). Looking at this first gave me a Poke Leaf feeling. Quite different to draw though. I like how it came out!

30. Tabs (Tomàs Padrós). On a background of ecodyed page from a book. Fun one!!

31. The last tangle of this Inktober: Eke (Zentangle). This tangle is one of those I can call my Mac 'n Cheese! So playful and willing to fit in every kind of tangle environment!

Thats all from Inktobertangles 2021. I loved this month´s challenges and reunions! It has indeed been a lot to explore! Thanks´to Stephanie Jennifer that has made this possible once again!

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