torsdag 21 december 2017

Adventure with Toodles and 12 days of Zentangle

I have revisited my old working place at school the last three weeks. I am retired but sometimes I luckily get the question if I can do some more working, meeting my old students. I appreciate every occasion I am able to do this. During this period Toodles was released from Zentangle. Couldn´t resist presenting Toodles for the students. They watched the video from Rick and Maria and then we went to work on it. We had so much fun and I want to show you some of the artwork they did. With their permission ofcourse!

They all look very different and unique. And we had a joyful time together!

Late the same evening I couldn´t stop myself I had to do one more for Twelve Days of Zentangle Day Six. Here it is:

Now they all have their Christmas holiday and I am preparing my own christmas here at home. What could be better than take a break, watching one more video an tangle? Lucky for me I had got one prestrung zendala from Ela Rieger, a couple of month ago! And it was a tan zendala. Exactly what I needed for Day Seven video!

Mostly when I do a zendala it takes a lot of time to finish it. But doing it this way with auras it didn´t take long at all! So relaxing and very simple to do! Loved it!

2 kommentarer:

Ria Matheussen sa...

What a sweet post to read, so kind of you to visit "your" old school and show the children's version of Toodles, I agree, this is a lovely tangle and so is your Toodles and the fantastic Zendala!
Have a good time Anita and a wonderful start of 2018!!!

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank’s Ria! I Hope your Christmas will be great and wish you a HappyNew Year 2018!😍