söndag 10 oktober 2021

Happy Inktober Tangles Part 2.

These Inktober Tangles gives the opportunity to find out about tangles that are unknown to me! Several comes from Asian tanglers and they are rich and often floral and always lovely. 

Day 5.
Ayame (Emiko Kaneko)

Day 6.

Brrst (Kelly Barone)
This one was a happy reunion! As I first found this tangle a couple of years ago it became a favourite of mine. But what sometimes happens when there comes new tangles all the time, it landed in my pile of forgotten ones! Now I think I am going to use it more!

Day 8.
Zenith (Zt)

Day 9.
Xac (Susan Yeo)

Day 10.
Hirari (Midori Furuhashi)

Midori´s pattern is also found here. The link from the Inktober List Prompts goes to Instagram and there the step out is a little different. The one from Tanglepattern made my day since it was a guide to so many possibilities!! I love that. This pattern is very Asian in my opinion and though it looks complicated it is very easy to draw! 

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