tisdag 26 april 2016

Slow Down

Today I had a high-speed dog to handle. Bisse (our Pumi) is now 8 month and a teenager-dog. Her energy is fabulous and overwhelming.I have worked hard to calm her down. The result is I am exhausted and the high-speed has moved into me. It is fun to see her when she runs freely and it is fun to play with her. But then I have to get her in a more calm state of mind and thats the hard work. 

All this affected me when I finally sat down tangling.I really had to tell myself this: SLOW DOWN!I skipped the challenges and went on with string 101 and focused on the breathing and it worked.  I did slow down. Choosing to work with Snail (Sayantika Ray) was a natural choice as it is the focus tangle of Square One this week. 

The other patterns are: Snookums (BJ Thompson), Natti (mine) and Lenche (mine). Lenche is the hungarian name on Bisse, so it was clear to me that she still was in my mind. But now I feel cool and ready to be with her again. 

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