söndag 5 februari 2017

4th and 5th of February

Yesterday was a day of rehearsing with my beloved vocal ensemble. I was so tired after that, I didn´t know what to do with the calendar. I needed help so I asked the tangle randomizer on choose the tangle to start with and there was Loop by Amelie Liao. Had not done this before and it reminds me of both Ellish and Arukas. Pretty one and then they just showed up, Diva Dance (Zt), Holes and Bubbles (both Suzanne McNeill). Today Sandy Kelly Jones made a challenge for us: combine Bales with Oof. Both Zt. So I took the easy way, which was quite relaxing. But the connection with yesterday is pretty week I think. Don´t know what is coming!

This night´s meditation. Square One´s focustangle is Neuron. 

I used string 234 (Rosemary Turpin). Neuron (Beth Snodderly) is special. I didn´t think of it as a tanglepattern. I know it from studys in art, I have done it myself long ago and made a painting out of it which I still like. Strange to use it as a tangle! But I made a try. Here with Strickles, Crescentmoon, Florz (all Zt), Beadline (Margaret Bremner) and Chain Link (Barbara Finwall). 

After working in my calendar a lot I do appreciate to go back to original tiles. I love the material, the way shading works on it, the slight resistance in the surface when the pen glides over it, yes, everything!!! 

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Simone Menzel sa...

Wow! I never used Neuron yet, but I should! It is wonderful!