torsdag 9 februari 2017

8th and 9th of February

Yesterday was a special day of remembrance to me. 16 years ago my mother passed away 8th of February 2001. If she still had been alive, she would have been 92 in the end of this month. She came to Sweden from Finland as a refugee during Worldwar 2nd, met my father and gave birth to 8 children of whom 6 are still alive and I am the oldest. She didn´t know Swedish at all as she arrived to this country. What I did yesterday was to tangle with her in my mind. Her name was Aino Westin and I picked tangles from A I N O W at after having made a starter in my calendar with tangles I first thought of with those letters.

8th of February started with All Boxed Up (Alice Hendon), Waves (Suzanne McNeill) and Amore (Adele Bruno).

Then I went on with string 236 (Mary Ellen Calhoun):

The patterns I got from the tanglepattern randomizer at were: Aah (Zt), Ix (Zt),Neuron (Beth Snoderly), and Oof (Zt). Strange, I have used both Neuron and Oof recently!

I went on, now using string 237 (Nancy Smith) but picking patterns I knew well:

Starting with my own Natti, since that tangle has a direct connection to my mother (you can read about the background to this pattern here). Then Adalfa (Bunny Wright),Olb (Helen Williams), Waax (Esther Piszeck) and Indyrella followed. As I reflect on this tile,  see a lot of drama and there was a lot of that in my mothers life!

Last night I also read the essay Rick Roberts had written in the Zentangleblog. The first thing that appealed to me was this sentence: "When I tangle, I never know where my starting strokes will take me". That´s one of the magic things in tangling! The Oopses are blessings, they mean something and things goes in other directions! Tip: Read the essay!

Now it is 9th of February and I am finishing one more page in my calendar:

Hamadox is such a lovely tangle to go on with! Thank´s to Laura Harms and her challenge I found it!

Then Suzanne McNeills Waves went on from yesterday. There is an other tangle, but I am not sure were I got it from. It might be a t angleation of Dro´t/Wire/Drath, but I am not sure. And a few Dewdrops. Loved to do this.

10 kommentarer:

1 Art Lady Kate, Tangles and More sa...

What a lovely tribute to your Mother. I enjoyed the way that you used Hamadox this week to and the tiles with the randomizer.

Ria Matheussen sa...

Beautiful Hamadoxflowers and very touching words about your beloved mother, that is really nice of you Anita. She would be very proud of you!!!

michele sa...

This is such a beautiful collection of work. I love the tribute to your mother.

Jean Chaney sa...

I guess it doesn't matter how old we are; it is always hard to lose one's mother. Your tribute to her is lovely!

Deanne Biron sa...

What a wonderful way to to remember and pay tribute to your mother! What an amazing life full of rich experiences she must have had. I love all your art work! :)

Anne's tangle blog sa...

I like your Hamadox tile and I think it's such a loving tribute to your mother!
Of all the work you show us here, my favorite is the 'string 237' one!!!

Holly {ha! designs} sa...

Anita... What a wonderful way to spend the day remembering your dear mother, and a fantastic tribute to her. Each piece you created is so beautiful and you can feel the love you created it with. Very touching.

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank´s for your nice and warming comments! They mean lots to me! :)

Simone Menzel sa...

What a lovely post fuöö of great artwork!
My absolute fevourite is February, 9th with tha Hamadox flowers. I LOVE them!!

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank's Simone!😄