söndag 19 november 2017

16th-18th of November + Crazy Huggins

Following the November Prompts in Today´s Tangles (FB)in the calendar is very relaxing! And fun!

16th of November: Sandswirl (Kerry Heun) and Molygon.
17th of November: A favourite of mine,Papermint was added.
18th of Novemger: Then a new to me tangle, Flourish (Stephanie Skelton) showed up. I love the way the combos of patterns worked out.

Of course I watched the video about Crazy Huggins published by Zentangle on Youtube. I was unsure about doing it, since I don´t have the new Sakura gelly-pens. They are not available in Europe at the moment. Hopefully they will soon, since I would like to work with different tips on the pen. I have got some, but the quality of the ink is not so good, at least not on the finest tip 0,7. It works well on black gesso-surface, but not on the tiles, it seems to disappear into the surface. But despite of this I decided to give Crazy Huggins on black tile a round!

I did it as an exercise, following Molly´s instructions and I am quite satisfied with the result. I love working on black tiles. But I am soon running out of them....

2 kommentarer:

Ria Matheussen sa...

You have made an absolute beautiful Crazy Huggins!!!

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank’s Ria! 😄