söndag 5 november 2017

Schway and Membranart

Schway is an official zentangle. As it was introduced in 2013 I wasn´t a tangler yet. I guess I might not have been hooked if that should have been the first tangle I would have ran into. But you never know. I was reminded on this pattern, which I have tried before, as it came up in the prompt for November in Today´s Tangles. How to deal with it? I am able to make it from the step-outs, I know that. But to take the next step and make it mine? That is another question. 

I started doing it as I have learned to do. Going back to basics with dots in the corner, penciled line binding the dots together and then there came a string, randomly drawn. I had to struggle with myself not to judge, but appreciate what came from my pen. 

I wanted to accept and appreciate this but the fact is it wasn´t much zen. I had to put this aside giving it a chance. So I went for another round today.

First of all I choose to get two patterns together that I didn´t like too much.  Shway and Membranart. Membranart (Thomás Padrós) wasn´t a pattern I took to my heart at the first sight, even if I saw a lot of beautiful examples with this pattern being done in the Fb-groups. My first tile had to be a monotangle with Membranart only, just to get some hang of it:

Mmm. A little bit more exciting then my first round with it in the calendar.  Now I could do it without thinking too much about HOW to do it. Just let it be what it might be. I am not a perfectionist. I am not trying to be one. But the important thing with tangling to me is to get it flow, to be in the zone, to have fun and relaxation. This was almost fun. But I still wasn´t there. So what was going to happen putting these two patterns together?

Now I had to give up my thoughts of the result (which is a problem sometimes) since theese two patterns didn´t actually talk to me. I had to trust them talk to eachother instead.  And there it was!!! I don´t know where it happened, but all of a sudden I was just drawing, not worrying, and it was a wonderful moment! I did feel gratitude, I appreciated the process, I didn´t judge myself and I was happy doing this! Looking at the final result I am once again telling myself "This is magic". I love the zentangle-method because of this! 

I like to set all three tiles together just to get another view of them and be able to revaluate this process.

Looking at them not as separate tiles I do like them a lot. My frustration is gone and you never know, I might go for Schway again! Or Membranart!

2 kommentarer:

Ria Matheussen sa...

Very nice work with tangles you didn't like at first sight, they look great, all three but my favorite is the third one: original found and very special with nice contrasts!

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank’s Ria for stopping by! I appreciate your reading and comments! 😍