onsdag 27 februari 2019

Abandoned tiles in Diva´s challenge.

Art is never unfinished, only abandoned! - Leonardo da Vinci

This quote is what Laura Harms starts her challenge 386. I totally agree. It has been a lot about abandoned art/tiles for a while. In my last blogpost I went through this with my journal. So I couldn´t resist this challenge as it walks hand in hand with the Oopses!!

I first found this one:

I belive I started this one in another challenge for the Diva, but put it away, I thought it looked clumsy and didn´t like the way the colors worked.

An here is the result! After I had worked on it a while I actually put it away and almost gave it up. But then I brought it back and went on telling myself I had to look for what this tile wanted and start playing, not judging! Now I am happy I did. The patterns: C-View (Ria Matheussen), Ipso (Jennifer Hohensteiner), Quabog, Maze, Mini-Tipple, Printemps and a little piece of Shattuck.

For the next one I almost forgot to take the before-pic. I just started with Mooka and then I remembered. So the first pick only would have had Printemps on it!

This one wasn´t abandoned in the way my first one was. I started to do Printemps when I was interrupted for some reason and had to do something else. Then I forgot all about it. Now was the time to finish it!

The patterns added: Crescentmoon, Mooka and Fescu. I didn´t go on with the micron I started it all with, I choose to work with  my fountain-pen that sort of has been abandoned for a while and I loved to take it up again!

6 kommentarer:

Unknown sa...

Two wonderful finished tiles!

Gudrun S. sa...

Wonderful tiles and I love the colors in the first one!!!

Anne's tangle blog sa...

Both are beautiful, but the second is my favorite!!!!

ria matheussen sa...

Both finished tiles look great, but my favorite is the coloured one where you played with C View in a wonderfull way!!!

Kay sa...

Lovely tiles! My favorite is the first one. I love the colors and the tangles you used!

Anita A Westin CZT sa...

Thank you all for your encouraging comments! 😍