torsdag 28 juli 2016

L and O-tangles

L and O are The first letters in the first and last name of a close friend of mine. He is now in hospice and his status is so bad. This is difficult to cope with for his family and so it is for me.  I live 300 km from him and last weekend I belive was the last time we saw eachother. It is a great loss for all of us who knows him. Today I made this tangle from the two letters L and O and in a remarkable way I felt  comfort doing this.

I belive this is what it is all about. To find the peace deep inside even if things fall apart around oneself. I cannot do anything to stop what is going on, I realize that. But to do zentangle is a way to face what´s coming and I am really greatful to be able to do this. And every stroke I made in this tile is a prayer, a meditation for L and his family. 

The tangles are Lotuspods (Margaret Bremner) and Oke (Michele Beauchamp).String no. 134 (Grace McIntyre). 

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