söndag 3 juli 2016

Floatfest and Circles

Carole Ohl is the designer behind several beautiful patterns. Footlite, Unyun and Puf are such patterns I just love to work with. I have avoided Floatfest for one reason or another. But this week IAST is about Floatfest so I gave it a run.

I made it on a renaissance tile and for being my first try with the pattern I think I like it. Aah was the second focuspattern in the challenge. I also used Marisu and Tipple. 

After doing this I found out I hadn´t done Joey´s weekly this week! So I went to her blog and the string was like a cat´s eye!

The tangle we should use is Gnarly by Barbara Finwall and then tangles of free choice. As Barbara Finwall has created som wonderful patterns too I had to use one more of hers: Zonked!  Both worked so well together and I liked doing this. It is something with that circular thinking. Doing it on freehand. Not perfect but the focus comes immediately!

2 kommentarer:

Susan Theron sa...

Beautiful tiles, but the IAST one is absolutely gorgeous!

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank's Susan!😄