måndag 4 juli 2016


It is very easy to get lost sometimes. One start to think of the outcome or start planning. There is someone sitting on my shoulder telling me; this isn´t good enough, try harder,you have to increase your technical skills and so on. I know I am not alone with thoughts like  theese! Where all this comes from is not interesting, what counts is the way I can handle it. The way to handle it is very often: Back to basics! 1. Keep focus on the breathing. 2. Pencil-dots in the corners and bind them together. 3. Draw the string and go on tangling.

Last night I went to bed with a book written by Beate Winkler: "Zentangle - Beseelt und entspannt zeichnen: Strich für Strich die eigene Mitte finden." It was a good choice, I decided to keep her words in mind doing my next tile this morning. To find my own center by keeping focus on the breathing. And this is a wonderful way getting into meditation. 

In this tile I used string 129 and the patterns are: Andromeda (Lily Moon), Munchin and Tipple. I am satisfied that this was only for my own relaxation, not for the result. But the thing is; I do like the outcome!

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