måndag 25 juli 2016


I am back. I had a wonderful time in Östhammar with my artcompanion Gerd Vading. It was a busy time too! Not only the exhibition, but having 2 workshops and also performing with poems in the Ekumenia-church (Ekumeniakyrkan).Anyway I managed to do a few challenges. The first one was for IAST 152 where my pattern Lenche was one of the tangles! It was fantastic to see the outcome! Here is my entry (taken with my iphone):

The two workshops were very exciting. The theme was meditative drawing. Ofcourse with the inspiration from zentangle! It was very inspiring to work with people I never met before and they made a great work! Have a look here on the amazing outcome:

The Wednesday-group:

The Thursday-group:

The next IAST-challenge was a monotangle of Crescent moon. I took my time to do it since Crescent moon is one of those basic-tangles I learned very early and I have come back to it several times. It is such a adaptive tangle and I still love to do it.

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