tisdag 21 mars 2017

21st of March

The calendar for three days.

Nuwave (Beth Snoderly), Meringue (Kelley Kelly), Tipple (Zt), Crescent Moon (Zt)and Trifle (Margaret Bremner). Doing Crescent Moon in levels like this is inspired by things like this going on in Fb-groups, which comes from inspiration from a video published in the Zentangle mosaique-app. To watch this video you have to be a paying member of the app. I am not, but as you see, the ideas are spread outside it! It was fun to do this and it gives even more 3D to the Crescent moon!. Nuwave is the focus-tangle in Square One and this tangle is also a tangle that easily gives the 3D-magic. So they went very well together in my opinion.

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