fredag 3 mars 2017

3d of March and more about fragment and reticula

Talking about inspiration is not necessarily as important as one can imagine.  If we belive that inspiration is necessary for the work of art, then not much would be done. Sitting under a tree waiting for magical inspiration doesn´t work very often. Necessary for creating art is the daily artwork, daily tangling, drawing and painting. In our best moments this will lead to creating a piece of art.  While  painting or  drawing, inspiration will show up. When we look at what other artists / tangler  are doing it might be there. Those are happy moments when inspiration appears and those moments are also moments of gratitude. Why do I say this? Because I have met so many people saying things like this: I envy your inspiration, where do you get your inspiration from, I would like to paint but I have no inspiration and so on. And I say; this is not the point. If you want to paint, make a sculpture, draw or whatever, then you have to do it. In lucky moments there will be inspiration that forces you to go on, but most of the time you do it for the joy of working with the material only and for the joy of looking at what your pen does on the sheet of paper.

When it is about tangling the most important thing is to keep focusing. It is all about Zen. But there can be sources of inspiration!

March 1st: My inspiration here is the examples on the page before this by Carole Ohl. She used a fragment, which she transformed into new shapes. I loved that. 
March 2nd: My inspiration here was Åsa Vadings drawing of Fetherfall (Carole Ohl), which I loved, and 
March 3d: My inspiration was Janet Burdit´s calendar-piece with Vega. Vega was a pattern I had forgotten and was lovely reminded on!

Staub Korn, a very talented tangler came up with a new pattern, Pico, recently. I wanted to try it! As I worked on it, all of a sudden I saw what this could be! It saw it as a Reticula!!! Which meant, I could fill it with a fragment of my own choice. Whowsa! This was a moment of inspiration and I had to try the idea at once!
I started with a tiny Bijou:

Here I used Yew Dee (Peg Farmer) as a Fragment. So fun! Then I went on with:

Fragment Q2 from Zentangle Primer. I am not finished with this Reticula-way of seeing Pico! The possibilities are infinite! I love this!!!

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