lördag 5 augusti 2017

A challenge in Today´s Tangles

Lynn Shelton Mead has made a challenge in Today´s challenge which is wonderful and basic. In the challenge she choose patterns that all are my favourites! So how could I not participate! :) Here is my tile:

Patterns: Fassett (Lynn Shelton Mead, Munchin (Zt), Shattuck (Zt), Paradox (Zt)and Tipple. I also added some Dewdrops following her instruction (as well as I could). To draw patterns that are so well known to me, I know them all by heart, is the best way to do zentangle. It is basics and as I started with Muchin I didn´t have to think what was coming next, all of them took place where they wanted. I loved to do this!

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