fredag 11 augusti 2017

IAST 207

Cross-ur-heart (Jenna Black) is a pretty new tangle. This is the focus on IAST 207 and it should be done as a monotangle.

It was a challenge to use this tangle in the suggested string. No matter if Adele pointed out that we should think freely about the string in this case. Cross-ur-heart is a fluently going pattern, it is easy to learn and easy to draw.  But I wanted it in the center of the tile!!! Anyhow, this is the way it went and I am glad I did it and satisfied with the way it came out in the end.

2 kommentarer:

Ria Matheussen sa...

And certainly you can be proud of this result: it looks great and I agree with your this is a beautiful new tangle that I also gonna use in the future, definitely!

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank's Ria !😄