söndag 13 augusti 2017

10th, 11th and 12 of August

I did mention my lack of structure working in my calendar. But I realize there is some structure anyhow! Not a planned one maybe. The last three days I have jumped into new patterns irresistible to me!
10th: Cross-ur-heart (Jenna Black). This one has been in my pile with patterns to try for about a month. The name is wonderful! Cross-ur-Heart! And the pattern is emerging from itself and it just goes on and on! Love that!
11th: Here comes Abucas (Charcat / Charlotte Carpentier). Oh this one I fall in love with! Lynn Shelton Mead presented the pattern in Square One as a pattern related to her Abeko and Arukas (Zt). And yes it is! Here I let Abeko come along and my new friend Aloha (Suzanne Fluhr).
12th: Bysomnus (Milde Weizz). As I first saw it I knew this one will stay! It reminds of several other patterns but with added dimensions in it! I can do this in my sleep!

My conclusion is: Three days theme. Patterns new to me! I smile as I learned something about myself, I have a structure but it is somewhat subconscious!

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