tisdag 20 mars 2018

16th-18th of March

It is very satisfying to revisite tangles I haven´t used for a long time. I think I will stay with this for a while. Here comes Undu (Daniel Lamothe), Kuna (Csibulle) and Undling (Susie Achter). Two are basically "aura"-patterns and Kuna is only straight, short lines, repeated. Very relaxing to do and the result is so cool. Then comes two daily tiles:

Tufton (Jodi Christiansen) and Tofube (Damy). And a kind of beadline following my simple string.

I haven´t worked on black tiles lately so after having watched Molly´s tangleation on Zenith I grabbed my tools and took my time following her steps. 

I do love the black tiles. It is another view on tangles. Some kind of magic.

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