tisdag 27 mars 2018

22nd-27th of March and something colorful!

Revisiting tangles!
22nd: 2n5 by Anita Roby Lavery. Like this playful pattern a lot! So simple and yet so cool to play with!
23rd-27th: Can´T by Chris Titus. First time I met Can´T was in a challenge, I think it was Adele Bruno´s It is a string thing! I was thrilled by the way this pattern seems so different depending on the shading. I didn´t try rounded corners then, but now I did an it was totally something else I saw coming out of the pen! So much fun! I belive Can´T is now going to stay with me!

I have been away a couple of days enjoying to sing Pergolesi´s Stabat Mater in the church of Rasbo. Ofcourse I brought my tangle-kit with me. I used one tile I cut out of a large marbeled sheet of heavy-weight paper that I have kept for years.

Since I have bee busy rehersing Pergolesi I haven´t had the time to try two resent published techniques published by Maria and Rick in the zentangle-app. The first one was to tangle Molygon in a string which looks like a creepy thing going around the tile! I love the little dangerous look of this shape! Then I went for the Cadent-tangleation whick I do appreciate a lot! Some Tipple and Fescu also came along. This is my Happy Eastern tile for all of you!

2 kommentarer:

Simone Menzel sa...

Dear Anita, I CAN’T see enough of you beautiful calendar pages 😊💕
Unfortunately I got stuck in my TAD calendar in February- i hope to proceed in April.
Happy Easter to you !!

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank’s Somone! I Hope you’ll get going! I wish you a Happy Easter too!😍