fredag 30 mars 2018

Calendar 28th-30th of March, Crusade and Happy Paradox - Eastern!

Last week in Square One has been all about Crusade. I first saw the pattern i a book by Beate Winkler,"Das Grosse Zentanglebuch". Then I found it intriguing though Beate had made her own step-out, that should be easier to understand then the original step-outs. I haven´t actually used the pattern, but decided to try it and give it a chance. So glad I did! I had to practice ofcourse,in my sketchbook as well as in my calendar. But learning this pattern, I found a new friend!. It is beautiful and it is filled with possibilities. Thank you Chris Titus, it has been a challenging but a  great adventure to go into this!

 I started working from Beate Winkler´s steps, went on with the steps I found at, which made me think of Crusade as a fragment.  The tiles I made:


The first and second one. 

The third one on tan tile. I also added some tranzending which made me happy.

Then I went for the Diva´s challenge 357. She asked us to make a monotangle with Paradox. I picked up the last eco-dyed tile for this occasion.

Oh yes, I had a lot of fun doing this. But once started with Paradox it is hard to stop so as I was going on decorating our Eggs for Eastern, it all came to Paradox!

So this is my Happy Eastern Greeting to all of you! Enjoy and Relax and Keep on tangling!

7 kommentarer:

Michele Wynne sa...

Wow! Lovely exploration of Crusade. Such a great pattern.Your Easter egg's are gorgeous 😍

Ria Matheussen sa...

Beautiful and original Easterneggs, never thought that Paradox could give such nice results on eggs.
Wonderful exploration of Crusade but for me the fave of the week is your unique Divatile on eco-dyed paper!
Happy Eastern for you and your family!

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank’s Michele! May your Eastern be filled with joy!😍

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Thank’s Ria and Happy Eastern to you and those around you!😍

Anne's tangle blog sa...

Paradox is done very well on that Eco dye paper!!! The eggs are lovely too. Happy Easter!

Annette P. sa...

Lovely Crusade collection! Your Paradox tile is just stunning! I do love it!
Happy Easter!

Malerisches Franken sa...

Your eco-dyed Paradox tile is wonderful, Anita! And your Paradox monotangled eggs are very nice. I also like your Crusade variations. Happy Easter!