torsdag 7 juni 2018

4th-6th of June

Time is running fast these days! Last three days has been filled with activity! The 5th was the World Environment Day and that was a great day from early morning till late at night, since I took part in an event about our forrests here where I live. We had bright sky and sunshine but not too hot. With us on our guided tour through Ore Skogsrike was Jens Holm who is in the parliament for Vänsterpartiet.

Yesterday was our National Day with a lot of celebration. We went to Levin´s Garden Center nearby that also celebrated their 100th birthday! But here comes my calendar:

Msst (Zt) is a tangle I don´t use very often. I find it a little bit difficult to get it together with other patterns. The transistions are not so easy to make. It is a lovely pattern though. Now I tried to find my ways for it. On the 5th it was so obvious I let Nipa join, then on the 6th I tried it with a completely different pattern, Asian Fans (Suzanne McNeill). Somehow it worked quite well, maybe not too much of Msst though!  

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