måndag 25 juni 2018

IAST 248 and 20th-24th of June

IAST 248 was challenging for me! A monotangle with Drupe. No it is not the monotangling. But to get it into the string! Not very long ago Imade friends with Drupe. This tangle has its own life and it can be very beautiful! But it is also one of those that doesn´t want to go with any string. So here it is as it went.  It was fun to do it! Thank´s Adele for this challenge!

As we have celebrated midsummer here in Dalarna Sweden, there hasn´t been much time for tangling. Midsummer is very special here where I live so it is just to go with the flow!

But here comes my calendarpages:

19th-21st I played with Lynn Shelton Mead´s Zentwining. It was fun and relaxing! An other way of  using the string and ribbons!

22nd-24th I started with the Drupe to get in the mood to make the IAST challenge! Beadlines followed, Arukas, Jonqual and then Nik (Bunny Wright) and Purdy, Margaret Bremner´s new tangle. I was happy with this page, it just draw itself!

2 kommentarer:

Susie Ng sa...

Anita, definitely one of the best Drupe tiles I have come across.

Anita Aspfors Westin sa...

Oh thank´s Susie! You made my day!