söndag 3 juni 2018

Last of May, 1st-3d of June in my calendar and something about shading

May ended with heat! We had about +30C. I can´t remember a climate like this and on the radio they talk about the high temperature and they say we haven´t had such heat since 1776! Don´t know if it is right or wrong but the truth is we have an extreme situation. Maybe thats why I needed some moist and wet look in my calendar! Patterns Abundies (Hanny Nura), Papermint, (Sandy Hunter) Printemps, (Zt) and Paradox (Zt).

Sandy Hunter has got a new pattern on,called Snircles. This is such a pretty pattern and it is easy to learn. I loved thisone! It reminds me a little of her Cruffles. Then Keenees wanted to play a little bit more and finally I tried XYP (Zt) a pattern that isn´t new, but new to me. A nice one to play with! I needed som Msst too because of the hot climate here!

Slowly I am working my way through the prompts in Today´s tangles and now I have come to no.5. It is about shading. I know not everyone is a friend of shading, but I am. I love to see what happens when a tile is shaded. Patterns that maybe doesn´t seem like anything comes alive and levels appear. So here is my before and after pic:

The patterns are (as suggested in the prompt): Drupe, XYP,Tagh and Dewd. Well a little bit of Peace Petals (Sandy Kelley Jones) showed up in XYP as well!  I used a suggested string (my own) from prompt no 4.

In my opinion a little shading makes it all. I love the way this worked out!

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