fredag 16 december 2016

The 11th and 12th Day of 3Zs

Today was the 12th Day of 3Zs. The tangle for today was Crazy Huggins. With 12 tangles it is pretty crowded. But I had made up my mind that on the last day in this game all tangles should be present. It was a true challenge. Here is my final mosaic:

I am not kidding. They are all in. But you have to look close to see some of them. The tangles are from Day one: Tripoli, Diva Dance, Shattuck, Marasu, Tipple with gold, Molygon, Knightsbridge, Pokeleaf, Auraknot, Drawings, Icanthis, Crazy Huggins.

Two tangles are new from the Zentangle headquarter, Drawings and Icanthis. 

The 11th Day was yesterday. Here is the 11th mosaic:

And the 11th 3Zs:

On the 11th Day Molygon and Auraknot took a rest. The tile felt too crowded for them to be comfortable. But they enjoyed watching!

It was quite an adventure to take part of this game and a lot of fun. I think I haven´t used 12 tangles in one tile before and this is on 3Z! It is smaller than the ordinary tiles! Don´t know if I will do it again, it is breathtaking, like running a Marathon or something. Maybe next year though if there will come another 12 Days! 

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