lördag 3 december 2016

Repeating patterns and about strings

There are an infinite amount of tanglepatterns around. So many experiences to make, and so much to discover. To me that sometimes becomes stressful. I want to learn so many of them, that I might loose focus on why I am doing this every day tangling. The point is when you have learned 4-5-6 patterns by heart, there actually are many more. Tangleations and patterns with a lots of similarities. Right now I enjoy go back to basics and work with patterns I am familiar with. Of course I am inspired by the BOOK. But I have been thinking about this for some time now. 

This tile is special to me. I worked with string 202 (Nancy Eaton). I felt so much peace and relaxation just leaning back, choosing patterns I knew well by heart. They are: Shattuck, Jetties, Tipple, Hollibaug, Crescent moon and Printemps. I hope I will remember this further on; It is not the amount of patterns that matters, finding new ones or the patterns in themselves. It is the process, the repeating of them that gives relaxation and I am thankful being able to do this.

The string is special in zentangle. It is a guiding line lightly penciled by freehand on the tile. It is randomly drawn mostly. Not if it is the way I try all the strings at tanglepattern. com. But it works the same way. The string helps a lot not to plan. Just follow.

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