torsdag 1 december 2016

String 201

My tile for today:

String 201 with patterns: Lolly Wimple (Sandy Hunter), Cruffle (Sandy Hunter), Mooka (Anya Ipsen), Shiraz (Linda Farmer), Beadline (Margaret Mead) and Florz.

Before I made this I started with my Zentangle Grundkurs 1 in German. It was quite easy to understand the German text. Not too many words I have looked up in the dictionary. Maybe 3 or 5. I tried to follow the first lesson which was familiar. What I liked with it was the background-information about the tangles and of course it is good to get back to the basics again! 

I liked what I did and I can see there is a big difference today compared with my first tangles! I guess it is called improvement!

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