tisdag 20 december 2016

Strings again and Merry Christmas-time

Yes. In zentangle strings are important. When the string once is on the tile it opens up for new possibilities. The string is a guidance, I don´t have to follow, but I can let it lead me on the journey. Weather I use strings from other tanglers or my own string doesn´t really bother me. Using other tanglers strings might lead me into directions I would not have expected. Using my own string might give a deeper relaxation. I said might. The string helps me not to plan the tangling. This has become more and mor obvious. If I start a tile without a string, then it is more uncertain that I can reach the flow I appreciate so much. In this post there are 2 strings from and one made spontaneously.

String 210 (Judy Okawa):

The string is almost not visible here. I used the patterns: Stella (Jana Pharmer), Icanthis (Zt), Drawings (Zt), Striping (Zt) and some stippling. It happens to be christmas soon and I guess that affected the tangling!

String 211 (Mary Helmers): 

This time I tried a technique that is new to me, but I have seen others do it. I made a tangling in graphite in the background (Stella) surrounded by Gord (Sue Zanker) Rixties (Zt) and Icanthis (Zt). As I saw the finished tile I felt unsure about the result. I wasn´t used to see such a thing as I had done. The contrast in the tile was very high. But now  having looked at it a second time, I am satisfied with it and I thing I am going to try this again further on. 

At last my own string, the meditation for today:

Patterns: `NZeppel, Flux, Tipple, Striped Shattuck, (all Zt) and a pattern I saw on Ilse Lukken´s blog: Daggerly (Carole Ohl). There are some tiny beadlines too (Margaret Bremner). Here is the string, which I draw afterwards as I remembered it (scanned):

Now is christmas-time and I guess I will be more laidback, relaxing, take time for my own, seeing sons and their families and not blogging frequently (but you never know)! If not I wish you all that follow my blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Until next post: Happy Tangling! 

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Ria Matheussen sa...

Lovely results with the new tangles and I saw also your wonderful work of the 3Z Christmas challenge.
I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy Newyear full of tanglepleasure and good health.
Take care!!!