tisdag 27 december 2016

string 217 and 218

If anyone wonder where string 216 has gone I asure you I have done it. I won´t expose it yet though, since I have done that one for a friend of mine and she won´t get it immediately.  But here is string 217 (Lianne Woods):

The patterns are: Starawn (Judy Murphy), ´NZeppel, Ing and up in the corners a fragment I made up from a pattern I have used, don´t remember the name. I like to draw Ing. I love geometry. Ing is one of those patterns I seldom use though and the reason is: it is a challenge to make it work with other patterns. At least for me. But in this case I am quite happy about it. 

string 218 (Mei Hua Teng):

The patterns are: All boxed up (Alice Hendon), Yincut (Zt) and Florz (Zt). I do love patterns that are built on straight lines only and this pattern from Alice Hendon is great in it´s simplicity! And it is very forgiving when the lines wobble around because of an unsteady hand!

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