söndag 18 februari 2018

16th-18th of February and Skye x 3

Last three days in my calendar I revisited patterns I have learned from the beginning of my tangle-journey. Rain was one of the first which I learned from One Zentangle a Day by Bekah Krahula, my first book ever about zentangle. I did like this pattern a lot but haven´t used it very often. Chainging was also a pattern I learned from that book and I liked the way it looked when I first saw it. However I found Chainging quite difficult, mine didn´t look the way I wanted it and I gave it up after several trials. But now, a couple of years later I found it easier and I did like the outcome! Yes this might be a pattern I will use further on! The last pattern is Cyme. I only did it once, at least what I remember. Why? It is such a pretty one!! I belive it depends on the fact there are several patterns reminding of this one, that I have used a lot more. But I did love to do Cyme, it reminds me of a small cactus I once had... It is organic and the shapes can be found here and there in nature.

Well well, if this wouldn´t be enough,  SKYE (Margaret Bremner) is the focustangle in Square One. I have tried it before. But I haven´t come to a point with SKYE that makes it flow out of my pen. It is indeed a high-focus-tangle in celtic-pattern-style. Here is my first go this time:

I was satisfied with the way it looked here with oopses and without and I also liked the combination with And (Sandra Harsveld). But there wasn´t much relaxation doing this, I had to check all the time where to go next!

I made a second one:

I did slow down on this tile. Then I focused on the embellishments and I felt I was almost there...

My third one:

I think I have got hang of Skye! At least I didn´t have to look for the steps this time. And I did enjoy the process which was much more relaxing than before. Skye did go it´s own ways but that is ok. Maybe I will be able to draw it more freely in the future.  The other patterns in this tile are: Webz (Suzanne McNeill), Knightsbridge and Tipple. 

I do appreciate the way it looks on all tiles and I am happy to say that on my last tile I also did appreciate the process! So now I wait for more Skye to come along!

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Simone Menzel sa...

Dear Anita, what a beautiful calendar page with „old friends“... I exactly understand what you mean! I also sometimes remind tangles which I have not used for ages and think „WHY??“. For me these are for instance Knightsbridge and Striping- such powerful tangles but seldom used. I know also the tangles which I tried some years ago and found too difficult... and never tried again. What a good idea to give them another chance! (Chainging is one of them ;-) . Thanks for the inspiration.
And your SKYE tiles are amazing, especially the last one! Thank you for this beautiful and motivating blogpost!

Simone Menzel sa...
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