fredag 9 februari 2018

7th-9th of February and Diva´s Challenge 350

A couple of days ago, Sandy Kelley-Jones posted a page from her calendar where she put Crescent moon in all corners and used a focustangle each day. I wanted to try this because the idea was so simple yet so interesting. It is possible to get into a zen-zone immediately doing it this way! The focus, the centre. I had to try it and I must say this was very satisfying! I also choose Crescent Moon in my corners ans focused on Arukas, Flukes and Tipple. This way to tangle will go straight to my toolbox!

I am the Diva´s challenge this week is UMT = use my tangle. Rimana by Nadine Roller. Here is my tile:

One more heart to tangle! I added some Tipple but the rest is for Rimana! This pretty little pattern may be more useful than it first seemed to be! I liked to do it!

3 kommentarer:

Anne's tangle blog sa...

I like your Rimana heart and also the corners

Gudrun S. sa...

Wonderful crawing Anita :-))

Ria Matheussen sa...

Beautiful Arukas on your calendar page and an uncomplicated but gorgeous entry for the Diva! Sometimes "less is more", you prove that here!