söndag 25 februari 2018

22nd-24th of February

Man-O-Man is both simple and complex. As I first saw the tangle was when Lynn Shelton Mead transformed it into a Celtic Knot. But I like the tangle as it is from the start too! So many ways to go with it! The negative and positive spaces  has so many possibilities! I think Man-O-Man will follow me for some time now! 

In Square One there is a tangle new to me: Elven (Elena Hadzijaneva). Another high-focus tangle! I did practice it in my sketchbook and also made a monotangle of it before I felt that it worked! Here is my first tile with it and I was happy to make  Elven and Man-O-Man get together!

Skye was the last challenge and now comes this! I love it, it is beautiful, but I need some more practice to make it mine. Well I like to challenge myself, so that is no problem! 

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